Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This and That

I don't have enough on any one topic to constitute a meaningful (!) blog entry, but *lucky you* I wrote them all down anyways.

So I sent Charlie to daycare yesterday with a little fork in his lunch sack. It's a cute little kid fork - I found it in the baby section at Target! He loves to use a fork at home and tends to eat more when he has it.

I got a phone call later at work that forks are not allowed. The teacher said she didn't even know that when I dropped him off because no one in their 12 years at this daycare has ever sent a fork to school with their infant. Huh.

When I got to school to pick him up later, the other teacher referred to it as a weapon - kind of half jokingly. Apparently Charlie likes to stab ziti pasta, but in its absence he is happy to stab at his playmate's fingers. Excellent. My son and his mommy-provided weapon.

We added a new CD to Charlie's car-ride repertoire - Barenaked Ladies' Snacktime. It's more soothing and low key then the They Might Be Giants CDs.... but still just annoyingly repetitive enough to have you singing it in your sleep at 2am. I've had Pollywog in a Bog in my head for 3 days straight.

Read another really good book on my sister Meredith's recommendation. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. Meredith also recommended The Hunger Games to me and while this book isn't quite as good, it's a great read. It's part of a series and book 2 is out, so I need to get my hands on it soon. Book 3 is out next Fall. So is Mockingjay, the last book in the Hunger Games series. I'm not sure I like all this delayed gratification going on.

I've also stumbled upon some beautiful children's books I didn't know about - have you heard of Betsy Snyder? Her illustrations are what are so special about her books I think. I discovered her when I bought some note cards at Papyrus with her illustrations on them. I wish I could buy big prints of them to frame. Links to a couple of the books here and here.

A pregnant friend today gave me a bag full of leftover ovulation and pregnancy tests that she no longer needs. You know, so I have something to pee on for confirmation before my total and complete nervous breakdown. My plate is quite full as it is, thank you very much, so I'll just put them in the back of the cabinet where they belong. Or maybe to be funny, I'll leave them out on the bathroom counter and see if Brad notices when he gets home for the weekend. Mwa ha haaaa.

Since Charlie is finally taking some steps, it's time to buy new shoes. Daycare is telling me to get white white lace up booties with rubber soles. Really? I know it's shallow, but they are kinda dorky looking. They don't look all that comfortable either, especially in the heat, with socks on. In the battle between questionable shoe advice and fashion, who will win?

In the evolution of Charlie's nicknames, we've moved on to a hybrid: Sir Munch. Like he's been knighted or something. And what meal do I send with Sir Munch to daycare? A Munch-a-Lunch!

I'd tell you about our weekend plans, but they sound quite a bit like Will Ferrell describing his Saturday with his wife on Old School. Except we're not attending Mitch-a-palooza first. And I have no idea where our beer bong is.

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