Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sir and His Bottle

The progress report at daycare pickup today had an extra note written on it: Charlie has realized we are trying to take away the bottle!!

In the section where they state what all he ate for lunch and how much there was a note: Milk Cup - Refused!!

That generally means he threw it on the floor or back at the person who gave it to him. Along with an indignant look that Charlie doesn't suffer fools people.

Last week he would at least drink some of his milk from a cup, but this week he's on to us. He smells change in the air. It's not gonna happen Mom. And don't try anything fancy, you daycare teachers.

Well. I may have finally met my match in the stubbornness category. All I had to do was give birth to him.

We did end up getting him the white Stride Rite booties for his first walking shoes. He tolerated the shoe fitting at the store better then I thought he would. I was concerned it would be similar to the hair cut experience, but with double the price tag. Instead, Charlie indulged us and cooperated.

I have to admit, he does seem more stable as he totters around in the new shoes. And I'm biased, but they look kinda cute on him! They are his school shoes and he's barefoot while he's home. Still not all that interested in walking, though. He's just going to have to realize he can get places faster walking before it seems worth the effort, I suppose.

Some new words have popped out of his mouth recently. CHEEEE (cheese) and Apple. Cheese is his most favorite food, so that's no surprise. They must talk about apples at school because that one was a bit unexpected. Wish they'd talk a little bit more about MOMMY at school, cause there's a word I'd like to hear more often!

Anyways, that's what's new in the news around here. Just hangin' out, asserting ourselves.... in between angelic looks and adorable baby babble, of course.

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Lakshmy said...

He is so cute. I just LOVE that little face!