Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Week

This week started with poison ivy and ended with a stranger's 3 year old grabbing my left boob. What happened in between you ask??

So the poison ivy happened to Brad. As I mentioned a few posts ago (2 of which were lame, effortless 2 liners with a video) we worked in the yard last weekend. Well. Brad worked in the yard while I made sure Charlie didn't swallow anything poisonous.

Apparently we have poison ivy around our very lovely magnolia tree and Brad wanted to make sure he got rid of it before it got out of control. Charlie's about to walk and the last thing we need is a toddler covered in poison ivy. Instead we have a daddy covered in poison ivy.

To give some context to the problem: Brad likes to work in the yard with no shirt on. Only recently in our marriage have I been able to convince him to don a shirt for anything outdoors near our house, such as walking the dogs. In Dallas he walked Zoe all over the place with no shirt on, in true redneck fashion. That was before Lakewood Heights got classy. Anyways.

All that poison ivy got on him somehow and by Tuesday evening he was leaving work to get a cortisone shot. It was all over his chest and stomach. Even the much-improved version looks painful.

Back at home we were busy having some fun visitors - Brad's mom and grandmother drove all the way from Arkansas to come visit for a few days. We don't kid ourselves about who they were really here to see - Charlie was the main attraction. In fact, Charlie played with his grandmother so much he pooped himself out! They did all sorts of stuff and played and played. He was actually kind of a stinker by the time dinner rolled around last night. Tonight he went to bed early, still worn out from all the excitement.

Unfortunately Brad wasn't able to fly home from work until late last night so he didn't get to see everyone until today. But we had a great lunch on the patio at Cafe Caturra on Grove and were able to give them their mother's day gifts before they had to leave. It was a really nice visit and everyone seemed to have a great time - especially Charlie.

After lunch I had to go back to work for a bit. It was so dead in the office I thought I would cut out early and either go to the gym or get Charlie and take a nice walk around the neighborhood in the sunshine. Per usual, Charlie won.

I left to go get him and was surprised at how packed the parking lot was. As I got closer to the door of his room I suddenly remembered.... Mother's Day party. Daycare was having a mother's day party that started about 40 minutes before I got there. They told me about it on Monday and I totally forgot.

Can I tell you what complete and total garbage I felt (feel) like for forgetting that party? Add it to my list of irrational things that I've spent time stewing on since having a child - it's not like Charlie is ever going to remember this party. I looked in the window of the door while opening it and all the moms were in there with their babies and I'm late and my kid is crawling around with one of the teachers watching him. Ugh. Insert self-loathing here.

Charlie was near the door and obviously had just eaten something because he was covered in crumbs. He was excited to see me as usual and we had fun for a little while - but he was so fussy for most of it. Not much of a nap today apparently.

He flirted a little bit with Bella, stole my punch and ate most of my cookie. When I finally had to take the punch cup away before he made too much of a mess he threw a real fit. 18 months is feeling closer every day! Arched back, loud screams, inconsolable. The mothers of the tinier babies looked alarmed. And they should be. This is totally coming their way!

After that, one of the teachers took him to walk around. She ran into one of the other teachers who had recently gotten married and had her wedding album with her. She told me Charlie stared at every photo. Does he already know he's going to be in his Aunt Megan's wedding next April??? He seemed to be studying up on what to do. Wedding 101.

While he was looking at wedding photos I talked to one of the other moms who works where I work. Her husband also travels a lot so we were commiserating. There was a little girl in a cute dress (not her daughter) trying to get this mom's attention the whole time. I think before I got there, this mom had been playing with the little girl, who has a little brother in the room.

As little kids do she kept trying to get her playmate's attention and when that didn't work, she tried to get my attention. As a last resort she grabbed my boob. Just reached out and grabbed. Hilarious! The little girl's poor mother was mortified. I tried to reassure her it was no big deal. I went to college. It's happened before.

A little later at the party Charlie flung my new Goddard school water bottle at this same mom and I had to point out, at least he didn't grab your boob. YET. She laughed, so I think we can be friends now. If she'd looked at me like 'I can't believe you're joking like that' then it would have been time to move on. It's a requirement for a fellow mom friend: enjoy boob-related humor.

Tonight Charlie was down early so Brad and I watched some more Dexter. It's a pretty interesting show, though I'm leery of watching it during dinner. You know, with all the serial killers and all. Dexter is rather endearing for being such a social outcast. Makes it somewhat unrealistic, but isn't everything on Showtime? I mean, Weeds? Please.

Mother's Day weekend is shaping up to be nice. I have a massage booked for noon tomorrow and we have a babysitter for tomorrow evening. Brad's going to let me sleep in on Sunday. That's basically all I need for a really awesome weekend. Bring it.

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