Monday, May 3, 2010

The Munchkin

Brad and I have a lot of nicknames for Charlie. They tend to evolve. If it happens like it did with dogs, we will eventually land on something more permanent. Ringo is Bobo and Zoe is The Princess. I'd guess Charlie is diligently working to accumulate enough words to protest if he ends up with a lame nickname like the dogs did.

I started calling Charlie the Munchkin a few months ago and that has morphed into The Munch. We would also say 'No Sir' whenever he got into the dog bowls or was trying to get into a toilet. This morphed into Sir and now The Sir. As in, The Sir has learned to open the trash can and pull things out. Ewwwwww.

How do we come up with this crap? I'm not sure. It seems so logical when we're saying it. I wonder what's next for poor Charlie. Munch. Sir.

It was hot like summer this past weekend, so we spent some time outside working on the yard. Charlie had his first taste of dirt. Like, literally. It just wouldn't do to leave one of the senses unused after all. We buy the kid a sand table and a water table and the main attraction is a pile of dirt. I must remember this before dropping more cash on molded plastic.

There was also a lot of practice going up and down stairs and walking behind his push toy. When Charlie concentrates on something really hard, he sticks out his tongue to one side. I have yet to get a photo. Nothing kills good, solid concentration like Mom sticking a camera in your face.
Our neighbors who are moving to London came over for dinner Saturday night. We grilled out burgers, which was coincidentally what their friends who had them over for dinner Friday night served them. I guess a cheeseburger is how we say Farewell here in the U.S. They brought over a peach pie from Westhampton Bakery for dessert. Oh. Mahgosh. Run, don't walk.

Their daughter is so funny - she's almost 3. She loves to have conversations with Brad. He went up to get Charlie from his nap and was feeding him a bottle in the den while the rest of us were in the kitchen. She went in and sat down next to Brad and talked with him for a while. Who knows what they were discussing. Little kid stuff, I guess. Brad was in his element!

After Charlie had his bottle, he spent the rest of the evening grabbing toys from Olivia in ways that were Not Fair and when it was certainly Not His Turn. That's the thing about babies. They have no manners! She was such a good sport about it. That's got to be the height of frustration for the 2 and 3 year old set.
So that was kind of our weekend. Brad was up and out by 5:30 this morning. You'd think I'd be exhausted but here it is, almost midnight and I'm wide awake. I guess the bags under my eyes got depleted over the weekend from actually sleeping and are recharging to be in full effect tomorrow. Yay!

Also, having major Flip video issues, but if you actually watch the videos I post of Charlie on here, I've got some doozies lined up! Warm up your headphones!

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Amy said...

Seriously, Charlie looks so grown up in these photos. Finn also eats dirt. Every time we go to the sandbox he eats some. These kids are destined to be best buds. Blonde hair and dirt...