Wednesday, May 26, 2010

And he walks

Today at daycare Charlie started really walking. Like actual, unwavering steps. Many steps at a time. They said he just all the sudden started doing it; he got up and walked.

When I got there to pick him up I could tell something was up so I stopped near the door and he walked right over to me! He didn't fall into me like he has been doing - he had plenty of balance and control.

This all happened just a few days after getting those white booties from Stride Rite, so go figure. I guess they really do make a difference! I took them off when we got home and he wasn't quite as stable as he was with them on. I think they kind of keep the ankle in line with the foot, almost like a brace.

I'm so proud of him so I had to post right away. And now I have to get back to trying not to feel completely horrible that I missed it while I was doing a large number of stupid, pointless things at work today. Another work day of missing him and wishing I was with him, except this particular day was a big one. I think this is going to take quite a bit of trying. I best get to it.

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