Sunday, April 11, 2010

What happened to Charlie??

I hesitate to even commit this topic to blog because I'm fairly certain once it's over I'm not going to want to remember it, ever remember it fondly, wax nostalgic about it, etc. I have not blogged in the past week because the Molars have arrived. Much like Aunt Flo, an unwelcome but necessary guest.

It's like an alien has taken over my child's body. I'm failing miserably at negotiations to get him back. In his place is a loud, screaming, frequently upset, impatient, stubborn (ok, I suppose I can claim credit for that part) toddler from whose wrath no one can escape. A black hole of developmental misery.

It's been so bad I got a call last Monday from daycare that Charlie 'was not himself' (subtlety is apparently not this alien's strong suit) that day and strongly hinting I come and pick him up early. Every other day this week, I was gently pulled aside with concern something was horribly wrong, could it be strep throat?? Could it be this other strangely named illness that comes with a rash?

While I was fairly certain it was teething, all this concern did give me pause. Charlie had been pretty difficult Easter weekend, too. Maybe he was teething AND had strep throat! But no fever, a little drooling, going to town gnawing on different things... it had teething written all over it.

Make no mistake - being certain about my diagnosis did not make this week any more fun for me. Our nights and mornings were ROUGH. I also had some strange stomach thing all week that required 2 trips to the doctor, all to find out he thinks it's stress! Fabulous. But I'm not going to go into all that because I am actually sick of my own whining.

By the end of the week things had improved and Charlie seemed to be more himself. We went to Champps for dinner Friday night and then over to our friends Karen and Mike's house on Saturday for dinner and to let the kids play. Charlie had a great time. They have a sand table that Charlie didn't want to leave, he had so much fun with it.

Side note: So what did we do today? Happily shelled out $70 bucks for our own sand table! The first deck furniture we've ever purchased. Awesome.

My point is, we were doing great! I thought we were back to normal! And then we tempted fate and went to the mall today. Stupid, stupid, rookie parents.

All of Nordstrom's customers around 2ish today got to enjoy Charlie's high-pitched, maximum volume screech that peeled all the paint off the walls. We got to be 'those parents' today at the mall. And the dang suit Brad ordered didn't even fit and can't be altered to fit. Insult to injury.

There has just been no pleasing Charlie ever since. A little while ago, in an effort to make him laugh, Brad held Charlie upside down. He called me over in an urgent voice - we could see two top molars breaking through in addition to the one Brad felt in the lower gums last Sunday. Three molars at once. That we know of. No one can ever accuse Charlie of half-assing anything. Teething, screaming, eating, whatever.

So it's shaping up to be a super fun week for Charlie and me. At least packing his lunch will be easy - soft foods that taste good cold. Pasta, applesauce, mashed sweet potatoes, yogurt. Poor guy. I also got some freezer pops, which seem to help but are an absolute mess when you give them to a 13 month old. Cold sticky goo everywhere. They don't mix well with Type A personalities unless served with Route 44 chardonnay on the side.

Anyways, that's what's going on over here to make me such a blog slacker. Maybe I can find some more soapbox items to go off on this week. Nothing wraps up a day of listening to your child scream in pain and discontent quite like going off on something that irritates you.

As for what's left of my weekend, I have a strange surge of energy tonight so I'm about to dive into some house projects. This almost never happens - I'm usually so dead tired at this point at night, but I guess all the screaming was stimulating!

Oh, and if anyone has found the chapter in the parenting books about where the volume button is on these kids we purchased at the hospital, let me know. We didn't get a remote with our model and I really need to find a way to turn him back down to his original setting. Thanks!

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