Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I Learned This Week

My child is 'the screamer' at daycare. All day long, out of sheer joy, he rips out ear piercing screams for all to hear. He encourages other kids to scream, like he's Dora the freakin' Explorer of daycare.

The screamer made his best little daycare friend Freddie cry the other day because Freddie tried to take away his toy. Charlie saw Freddie cry and that made him cry. Screaming and then crying. At this point the daycare teachers must be counting the days until Charlie moves up to the next room.

The Apple store requires an appointment for a 5 minutes 'yep your power cord is broken, here is another' conversation. I'm still not going back to a PC.

The citizens of Miami are bracing themselves for mid-October when the San Benito girls will arrive for girls' weekend. When was the last time all 5 of us were in one location for shenanigans, tomfoolery and ballyhoo?? I actually can't remember because my memory's not so good after having a baby. But it's been a while!

There is nothing like an impending weekend in Miami (even several months away) to make you feel pale and out of shape. And kind of unfashionable. Maybe frumpy, I don't know.

When the salespeople at Saks know your child's name and greet him upon arrival, it means your husband has enough clothes for work and should now stop shopping.

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