Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The worst of this round of teething appears to be past us. After an excruciatingly painful Sunday, where Charlie cried and screamed most of the afternoon and evening, he woke up cheerful and playful on Monday morning. The alien has departed and my happy baby has returned. In his mouth I can see 4 new teeth - 2 bottom, 2 top, 1 on each side. Apparently, Charlie's teeth like to break through in committee form.

Charlie has been so much fun lately that it's been one of those weeks where I begrudgingly take him to daycare at the last possible minute and leave as early as I possibly can from work to go pick him up. I also whine on the phone to Brad about becoming a SAHM. I'd hate for him to feel left out of the fun after all.

In other news, some recent-ish developments.....

Kristy C., if you're reading this, I have found someone who adores cheese as much as we do. To locate him, all I had to do was birth him. Charlie. Loves. Cheese. So much so that when the refrigerator doors are open (we have the kind with double doors on top and freezer on bottom) Charlie crawls over, pulls himself up by the freezer drawer handle and pulls open the cheese drawer.

Once he has the drawer pulled open he looks at me and cries out. In baby speak it means, get over here and get me a dang piece of cheese Mom! I'm hungry! Impatient cries follow if I'm not quick enough getting it out of the package. It's a lot of pressure to open up cheese that quickly. It's kind of stressing me out.

Unfortunately, my goal to get Charlie to try lots of new foods and eat a variety of fruits and veggies is sadly done in for. I didn't exactly go down kicking and screaming to the degree I was hoping. I still put lots of things on his plate and all he eats cheese, pasta and blueberry muffins. Everything else gets dropped on the floor - even the cheese delivery mechanism (i.e. crust) is usually discarded. He will no longer eat some of the more adventurous things he used to like.

I guess there are just only so many times I can hear at daycare 'he doesn't like X and wouldn't eat it' or watch him systematically drop the dinner I just cooked on the floor for the dogs. The white flag has been waved. Pass the grilled cheese please. That and pizza are our preferred cheese delivery mechanisms. I should just send him to Switzerland to visit Finn. The concept of fondue would probably make Charlie's head explode.

I realize I'm so overdue in posting photos or videos on here - and Charlie is doing tons of cute things lately. Especially his talking. He babbles on with so much to say. He reads books to himself, has conversations with me. He's also started giving kisses - I even caught him trying to give one to Ringo. I know, yuck, right? Poor Charlie has no idea his love for the poodles is not mutual. Ringo only kisses back because there's food stuck on Charlie somewhere.

Unfortunately, the minute I turn on my video camera he stops and wants to hold the camera. And then break the camera. If you're not breaking something your parents don't want you to have then you're really not having any fun now, are you? Anyways, SOON. I will catch him unaware. Maybe as he's playing at his new sand table. There's been lots of talking while working in the sand. It's a peaceful, reflective place, the sand table.

Anyways, in actual exciting news - our good friends, Brent and Melissa, are expecting a baby girl!!! Yes, Brent and Melissa - of Italy and Napa/Tahoe vacation fame - will have a pink bundle of joy arriving in late July. Her future wedding to Charlie is going to be QUITE the event with Melissa and I planning it (and Brent paying for it hahaha), so I would start sucking up now for an invitation if I were you.

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FunnyGirl said...

so glad there is someone to join our elite cheese club. can't wait until he really starts talking to we can get his top 5 down for the record books...