Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rear Facing Car Seats

This is an interesting video about the benefits of leaving your child's car seat in a rear-facing position for as long as the weight limits allow. The clip of the crash test dummies is particularly persuasive.

We still have Charlie riding rear-facing but I have thought so many times how much easier it will be to ride with him when he is front facing. This video suggests a rear-facing seat until age 4! They show an older child in a rear facing booster - I didn't even know those were designed to be rear-facing so I have some homework to do. I also need to check our Britax Marathon to see what the weight limit is for a rear facing baby in that seat.

Unless you like grating, annoying, overly sappy Avril Lavigne songs you can leave the volume off for this one.


Lindsay said...

A friend of mine is a car seat tech if you have any questions. She's also an admin on the FB Car Seat Safety Group (Stephani Cannon). You should be able to find it from my profile.

Anonymous said...

I had to stop watching my half way thru...we turned Ben around after Will was born. I kept him back as long as I could, I would tell people that my 18 month old was facing backwards still and they looked at me like I was crazy. I have the Britax marathon I don't think there is a weight limit to keeping them backwards. The video makes me want to switch him back...

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Book Worm said...

Hey Kara - thanks for posting. We want to keep A rearfacing for as long as possible too. We had the Marathon but it tops out RF at 35# but its also got a short seat pan and this little girl has some looong legs. So we got the MyRide 65 which gives us another 10# RFing. Hopefully that will last until she outgrows RF by height since really 45# is a lot... has some great forums.