Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was boring. Like, really boring. It reminded me of that part of Good Morning Vietnam when Robin Williams is reporting the news and says 'Today in Saigon... Nothing officially happened.' ..... Of course that was all about censorship and war and stuff and my weekend was just boring and lame.

Brad had to work for most of it and we didn't really get to do a whole lot. Charlie hasn't walked just yet (getting closer!) but does seem to be picking up some words, so that provided some entertainment. He has 'dog' down pat, though it sounds more like DOOOO. If he wasn't actually pointing at one of the dogs at the time, we wouldn't know his intent. He also keeps saying something that sounds like 'poodle'. And learned to quack like a duck from his inflatable ducky tub he takes his baths in.

Da-da has turned into Da-deeee. Or deee-dah! Usually while looking at Brad. Nothing close to mama or mommy yet. I blame myself for not talking in third person more often. We spend so much time alone during the week that he doesn't hear the word mommy that often. I might start questioning my own sanity if I start talking in third person so that word may just have to wait until later.

In more exciting news, my sister-in-law Clare found out this weekend she's going to be on the University of Virginia tennis team next fall! Because that's what happens when you major in Being Awesome. She has worked so hard for this, with a lot of help from her parents, and it's such an exciting accomplishment. Congrats to Clare! It's going to be an amazing freshman year for her.

In less happy news, our neighbors are moving. =( You know, the ones I'm always talking about with the cute 2 year old daughter who is always saying the funniest things. They're moving for good reasons so I'm trying not to let my selfish desire to keep them here poop all over everything. They are going to London for an exciting job opportunity for Jason. We are going to miss them SO MUCH!

Since we moved here over 3 years ago, we've enjoyed new babies, holidays, parties, snow storms and random weeknights with wine and baby monitors with them. They welcomed us to the neighborhood, included us in things, introduced us to their friends and let us borrow tons of baby stuff for Charlie. Kristen even threw me a baby shower. She also occasionally let me beat her in tennis. That's a good friend.

Their house sold in 2 days (apparently houses next door to us are in high demand) and they will be gone by Memorial Day weekend. I can't even imagine their house without them in it. And it's all happened so fast. I better stop now since Kristen reads the blog and heaven knows she's been through enough this weekend, with selling the house and all. But Fosters, we will miss you!!!

I hope we can make our new neighbors feel half as welcome as the Fosters made us feel. However, after I stalked them through both showings last Friday, I'll be lucky if things don't start off with a restraining order.

So it was a boring, lame weekend but a pivotal one. Maybe we needed some down time just to process it all. I'd like to say we have more exciting stuff planned next weekend but we don't. Might be time for a babysitter and a Saturday night out to try a new restaurant. Richmond has a pretty impressive restaurant scene for its size.

Or I may just spend it with my nose in a book. At least, when Charlie is asleep. I just checked out Margaret Atwood's latest book, The Year of the Flood from the library. So far it's incredible - like just about everything else she's written. She is hands down my favorite author. If you haven't read any of her books, I highly recommend. Wikipedia calls some of her novels Science Fiction, though I disagree. Apparently she does too - she calls her work speculative fiction. Creative, imaginative, a twist on the world we already know. So much fun to read.

We also re-joined Netflix and I just started the first disc of the Firefly series. It's a few years old and had some cult following, so I thought I'd give it a try. I've enjoyed other movies and shows with cult followings. See: Donnie Darko and Freaks and Geeks. So far this series is like a western Star Wars. There is also a movie that came out after the series got cancelled. It's called Serenity. I remember the CIO at the government agency I worked at was nuts about this series - he showed an episode in his office once a month at lunch time. I guess that makes him part of the cult.

Well, that's all for me. I better shut my MacBook off - I can't get it to charge and must find myself an Apple Genius tomorrow to make it all better.

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