Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday for Me

I am sitting here quietly typing on my computer, hoping and praying that Charlie will go to sleep quickly tonight. The babysitter arrives in 22 minutes. My massage is scheduled in 52 minutes. He does not know this babysitter - she is subbing for the one he does know. Given the current super-fun separation anxiety phase we are going through, it would be best for all involved if he is just not even aware she is in the house.

I have to be very careful as I write this because I am a purposeful typer, which means I am loud. Have you seen Up in the Air?? I type with purpose. I have to hope Charlie can't hear me type because even that would be enough excitement for him to justify not going to sleep.

Daycare is closed tomorrow for 'Spring Break' so I quite happily took off work. I love any excuse to take a vacation day and hang with my main man. Er, men. Brad lands at 1 tomorrow. We are going to Williamsburg for Easter. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend which would be awesome if we all didn't have such awful allergies. Even little Charlie - runny nose, sneezing and I think his throat must be scratchy because he is constantly thirsty.

But it will be fun to get outside, go to the park and wear clothes I haven't worn in 2 years! Last year there was still so very much Kara to love after birthin' ma baby that none of them fit. Ahhh, I love a happy ending.

Unfortunately Charlie's just going to have to go barefoot everywhere we go because the sandals I ordered him are way too big. Mostly because I'm dumb. Here was my stupid rationale: He wears 18-24 month size in Pedipeds brand so that is what I will order him in the See Kai Run brand. Ugh. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

They are huge so now I will pay shipping x 3 - round trip for the too-big pair and shipping for the correct pair. Go me. I wish there were more places to shop for hip baby shoes here. I went to the one See Kai Run dealer in town today (Buttons & Bows) and they had 3 pairs. Total. Please stop Overpriced Children's Boutique, you're overwhelming me with choices. Actually, if I was in the market for ballet slippers or smocked clothing, I'd be overwhelmed with choices at this place. Boys shoes just don't look as cute in displays I guess.

What else is going on....hmmm.... Charlie has learned to flush the toilet. Does that mean he's potty trained?? Haha. No, it means our water bill is going to go up! He spent this morning while I got ready for work crawling around my room, grabbing things and depositing them in the bathtub. So helpful of him to get me better organized.

I can hear him singing in his crib. PLEASE go to sleep Charlie!!!

Update Post-Massage:
Charlie did sleep. The babysitter was very sweet and gave the poodles some lovin'. The massage was mostly heavenly and only sort of painful. My back is still all messed up from being pregnant. Thanks Baby Cullen.

Because I don't have to rush off to work tomorrow I'm just going to let those dishes sit near the sink and think about cleaning themselves. So liberating.

So yeah. That's my update. Much like the current state of my life - borrrrrring.

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