Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend!

We went to Williamsburg this past weekend to celebrate Easter with Brad's dad, stepmom and sister. It felt so nice to get away and because Friday was a daycare holiday we went up that afternoon after Brad's flight got in. The weekend felt nice and long.

Unfortunately, Charlie is starting to cut a molar - possibly more then one - and was pretty fussy all weekend. I feel so bad for him - it seems to really hurt. They even called me at work from daycare today that he was crying a lot and upset - very out of character for Charlie.

Long story short, we really only took pictures on Easter Sunday because Charlie spent so much of the rest of the weekend intermittently upset because of tooth pain. He seemed to have a great time on Easter, when there were lots of visitors to play with.

He especially loves Sue's nephew Richard, who is 13 and just fascinating to Charlie. Charlie's already planning to be 13 you see. Like maybe some time next year.

Sue sewed Charlie's adorable little outfit - can you believe that? It was the cutest little gingham shortall with a chick on it. Not a duck, a chick. 'Chicks dig Charlie' was the message the outfit conveyed, don't you think? She also sewed the little shirt underneath. And it all fit so nicely - I was in awe.

While things are always incredibly Charlie-focused (just the way he likes them), the rest of us had a pretty fun weekend too. Art and Brad got to play some golf. Sue and I got a much needed pedicure and I celebrated my annual bonus with a couple of new dresses from Lilly Pulitzer. We enjoyed the nice weather and grilled out some yummy food. We braved the crowds in Colonial Williamsburg and went to Easter services at their church, Bruton Parish - a very nice service. It was just a really relaxing, fun weekend. Most of which I have no pictures from, but here are some from Easter Sunday...

Charlie trying to figure out what Easter baskets are all about:
Playing with Richard, whose every move must be closely observed:
Finally figuring out what Easter baskets are all about - sitting in them!
Tooth pain - happy to sad in .05.
Charlie eating his first Peep:
Charlie and Mommy:
Charlie and Daddy. If you photoshopped this with the photo above, we'd have ourselves a family picture! With twins that look like Charlie!
Hope your Easter Sunday was filled with joy and Happy Belated Easter to you all!


Amy Gunther said...

What a darling outfit. Sue is really talented. She could have her own shop on Etsy selling cute Easter outfits. Ducks on the boys and lambs on pink gingham for girls!

Amy Gunther said...

Charlie's outfit is darling. Sue is really talented. She should open a shop on Etsy. Little blue gingham Easter clothes for boys and pink gingham for girls. So cute.