Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello There

Hi. How are you? It's me, the very boring poodle who hasn't blogged all week. Or last weekend. How I hang on to the few of you who check back here regularly for posts, I'm not sure.

What a long week. It's currently 9pm and both Brad and I are about to go to sleep. Friday nights just aren't what they used to be, are they? Hoping to muster some more energy for tomorrow night when we are having our neighbors over for what will probably be our last neighbor dinner before they leave for London. But I'm not going to think about that right now. I'll think about that tomorrow. I'll think instead of the baked potato salad from Fresh Market I'm going to get to go with dinner. YUM!

I have more to post for you this weekend. Mainly in the 'home decor' and 'find me some shoes' categories. Some videos of Charlie being cute may make the cut as well. Recent new words include POO! As in poodles. Can't wait until he screams that one out in the grocery store. POO!

Carpet installers came today and put the new carpet in the finished attic space. Time to get it all fixed up as a playroom for Charlie! This is going to require a large IKEA run. I think I'm going to paint some areas in magnetic chalkboard paint. Cause I'm all DIY like that.

Anyone watching 16 and Pregnant?? It just ended and I watched the reunion show with Dr. Drew. I want Leah and Corey to get back together!! They are so cute. My new favorite 16 and pregnant couple. Sorry Caitlynn and whats his name from Season 1, you've been replaced.

OK, can barely keep eyes open right now. More later....

Friday, April 23, 2010

Things I Learned This Week

My child is 'the screamer' at daycare. All day long, out of sheer joy, he rips out ear piercing screams for all to hear. He encourages other kids to scream, like he's Dora the freakin' Explorer of daycare.

The screamer made his best little daycare friend Freddie cry the other day because Freddie tried to take away his toy. Charlie saw Freddie cry and that made him cry. Screaming and then crying. At this point the daycare teachers must be counting the days until Charlie moves up to the next room.

The Apple store requires an appointment for a 5 minutes 'yep your power cord is broken, here is another' conversation. I'm still not going back to a PC.

The citizens of Miami are bracing themselves for mid-October when the San Benito girls will arrive for girls' weekend. When was the last time all 5 of us were in one location for shenanigans, tomfoolery and ballyhoo?? I actually can't remember because my memory's not so good after having a baby. But it's been a while!

There is nothing like an impending weekend in Miami (even several months away) to make you feel pale and out of shape. And kind of unfashionable. Maybe frumpy, I don't know.

When the salespeople at Saks know your child's name and greet him upon arrival, it means your husband has enough clothes for work and should now stop shopping.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rear Facing Car Seats

This is an interesting video about the benefits of leaving your child's car seat in a rear-facing position for as long as the weight limits allow. The clip of the crash test dummies is particularly persuasive.

We still have Charlie riding rear-facing but I have thought so many times how much easier it will be to ride with him when he is front facing. This video suggests a rear-facing seat until age 4! They show an older child in a rear facing booster - I didn't even know those were designed to be rear-facing so I have some homework to do. I also need to check our Britax Marathon to see what the weight limit is for a rear facing baby in that seat.

Unless you like grating, annoying, overly sappy Avril Lavigne songs you can leave the volume off for this one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our Weekend

Our weekend was boring. Like, really boring. It reminded me of that part of Good Morning Vietnam when Robin Williams is reporting the news and says 'Today in Saigon... Nothing officially happened.' ..... Of course that was all about censorship and war and stuff and my weekend was just boring and lame.

Brad had to work for most of it and we didn't really get to do a whole lot. Charlie hasn't walked just yet (getting closer!) but does seem to be picking up some words, so that provided some entertainment. He has 'dog' down pat, though it sounds more like DOOOO. If he wasn't actually pointing at one of the dogs at the time, we wouldn't know his intent. He also keeps saying something that sounds like 'poodle'. And learned to quack like a duck from his inflatable ducky tub he takes his baths in.

Da-da has turned into Da-deeee. Or deee-dah! Usually while looking at Brad. Nothing close to mama or mommy yet. I blame myself for not talking in third person more often. We spend so much time alone during the week that he doesn't hear the word mommy that often. I might start questioning my own sanity if I start talking in third person so that word may just have to wait until later.

In more exciting news, my sister-in-law Clare found out this weekend she's going to be on the University of Virginia tennis team next fall! Because that's what happens when you major in Being Awesome. She has worked so hard for this, with a lot of help from her parents, and it's such an exciting accomplishment. Congrats to Clare! It's going to be an amazing freshman year for her.

In less happy news, our neighbors are moving. =( You know, the ones I'm always talking about with the cute 2 year old daughter who is always saying the funniest things. They're moving for good reasons so I'm trying not to let my selfish desire to keep them here poop all over everything. They are going to London for an exciting job opportunity for Jason. We are going to miss them SO MUCH!

Since we moved here over 3 years ago, we've enjoyed new babies, holidays, parties, snow storms and random weeknights with wine and baby monitors with them. They welcomed us to the neighborhood, included us in things, introduced us to their friends and let us borrow tons of baby stuff for Charlie. Kristen even threw me a baby shower. She also occasionally let me beat her in tennis. That's a good friend.

Their house sold in 2 days (apparently houses next door to us are in high demand) and they will be gone by Memorial Day weekend. I can't even imagine their house without them in it. And it's all happened so fast. I better stop now since Kristen reads the blog and heaven knows she's been through enough this weekend, with selling the house and all. But Fosters, we will miss you!!!

I hope we can make our new neighbors feel half as welcome as the Fosters made us feel. However, after I stalked them through both showings last Friday, I'll be lucky if things don't start off with a restraining order.

So it was a boring, lame weekend but a pivotal one. Maybe we needed some down time just to process it all. I'd like to say we have more exciting stuff planned next weekend but we don't. Might be time for a babysitter and a Saturday night out to try a new restaurant. Richmond has a pretty impressive restaurant scene for its size.

Or I may just spend it with my nose in a book. At least, when Charlie is asleep. I just checked out Margaret Atwood's latest book, The Year of the Flood from the library. So far it's incredible - like just about everything else she's written. She is hands down my favorite author. If you haven't read any of her books, I highly recommend. Wikipedia calls some of her novels Science Fiction, though I disagree. Apparently she does too - she calls her work speculative fiction. Creative, imaginative, a twist on the world we already know. So much fun to read.

We also re-joined Netflix and I just started the first disc of the Firefly series. It's a few years old and had some cult following, so I thought I'd give it a try. I've enjoyed other movies and shows with cult followings. See: Donnie Darko and Freaks and Geeks. So far this series is like a western Star Wars. There is also a movie that came out after the series got cancelled. It's called Serenity. I remember the CIO at the government agency I worked at was nuts about this series - he showed an episode in his office once a month at lunch time. I guess that makes him part of the cult.

Well, that's all for me. I better shut my MacBook off - I can't get it to charge and must find myself an Apple Genius tomorrow to make it all better.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Curtains

We're (mostly I'm) in the process of doing some decorating and projects around the house. I want to feel like the house is mostly 'finished', if you get my meaning. This is our third house and I would classify the first two as 'mostly undecorated' (Dallas) and 'fairly decorated' (Silver Spring). However, we dropped back down to 'mostly undecorated' when we moved to Richmond because this house is almost twice the size of the first two, which were fairly small (1500 sq feet).

Anyways, I ordered some custom drapes for the formal rooms from this interior design/fabric store here in Richmond called Williams & Sherrill. These will probably be the only rooms I order nice drapes for because sheesh they are expensive but sheesh they sure do make a room feel fancy pants. It's like adding an interesting handbag or shoes to an otherwise standard outfit.

Here are the dining room drapes - a coral print natural linen with velvet pleats up top. I had been drooling over this fabric for about a year and a half, not knowing where to use it. The designer at the store talked me into using it for the drapes. I probably would not have done that if not assured it would be really fun when finished. It definitely adds a funky twist to our fairly boring dining room.

I also got some roman shades made for the french doors in the dining room, which are also boring. I would love to get some beautiful multi-paned doors to go here eventually. The shades are stationary, as are all of the curtains. We don't really need them for privacy because our yard is so wooded. We have blinds on the other windows if we need privacy or to block the sunlight.
Also coming soon to the dining room - recovered chair seats. This dining room set was a wedding gift from Brad's dad and stepmom and we've never gotten around to recovering the boring cream seats. I'm going to use the stripe horizontally, which the seats were worried would make them look fat. I assured them they can pull it off.

My sister-in-law Clare has some experience now recovering basic seats like this and she's going to help me get them all fixed up. In other words, she's going to recover them while I sit there, watch and talk to her.
I also ordered drapes in the living room, however they haven't been 'styled' yet by the installer because the order had the wrong size brackets. He'll come back in a couple of weeks and get the correct brackets on there and get them set up. Right now they're just kind of hanging there.

The fabric is a yellow linen with a green raw silk trim up top. It's kind of a tone-on-tone look, actually inspired by Brad's grandmother's (Mama Hartz) yellow drapes in the living room of her Little Rock house. Yellow drapes against a yellow wall - subtle but sumptuous because of the fabric. I have a lot of other patterns going on in that room so I didn't want to fight them with yet another pattern on the drapes. I'm just a copycat and I don't care who knows it!

This picture doesn't really do it justice. I need to take a photo when the sun isn't coming through that window - the flash just washed everything out.
I learned some valuable lessons throughout this experience:
  • Try to persuade Brad to just let me take care of the decor for a room. These things seem to take at least twice as long when he gets involved because we have 'peruse every option' and 'look around'. I knew what I wanted, I just needed him to get out of my way.
  • Always work with a decorator on a major expense like this. In the process of selling me the drapes she gave me loads of free design advice in the store. I took in pictures of the room and she did a drawing of how to place the furniture and what additional pieces I still need to finish it out.
  • I don't think I'm going to mess with drapes in the rest of the houses. Valances on some perhaps. We have these two rooms blocked off with a baby gate but Charlie has full access to the rest of the house. I'm sure he would love to put his full weight on some drapes, color on them or wipe some jellied or ketchuped fingers on them. Besides the expense of full length drapes, I just can't be bothered with defending them all the time from toddlerhood.
  • Stationary is the way to go - at least for these rooms. Just seeing how sloppy the living room ones look before they've been made stationary makes me realize I would always be primping them if we counted on them for privacy and they were moved a lot. Like I have time for that.
Other projects going on right now: making over the finished attic space into a playroom for Charlie, furnishing the deck and sunroom, and decorating our master bedroom. I also completely re-did our laundry room and have one more set of shelves to organize and a couple of pictures to hang. the before and after pics will be striking! Fun! More to come...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The worst of this round of teething appears to be past us. After an excruciatingly painful Sunday, where Charlie cried and screamed most of the afternoon and evening, he woke up cheerful and playful on Monday morning. The alien has departed and my happy baby has returned. In his mouth I can see 4 new teeth - 2 bottom, 2 top, 1 on each side. Apparently, Charlie's teeth like to break through in committee form.

Charlie has been so much fun lately that it's been one of those weeks where I begrudgingly take him to daycare at the last possible minute and leave as early as I possibly can from work to go pick him up. I also whine on the phone to Brad about becoming a SAHM. I'd hate for him to feel left out of the fun after all.

In other news, some recent-ish developments.....

Kristy C., if you're reading this, I have found someone who adores cheese as much as we do. To locate him, all I had to do was birth him. Charlie. Loves. Cheese. So much so that when the refrigerator doors are open (we have the kind with double doors on top and freezer on bottom) Charlie crawls over, pulls himself up by the freezer drawer handle and pulls open the cheese drawer.

Once he has the drawer pulled open he looks at me and cries out. In baby speak it means, get over here and get me a dang piece of cheese Mom! I'm hungry! Impatient cries follow if I'm not quick enough getting it out of the package. It's a lot of pressure to open up cheese that quickly. It's kind of stressing me out.

Unfortunately, my goal to get Charlie to try lots of new foods and eat a variety of fruits and veggies is sadly done in for. I didn't exactly go down kicking and screaming to the degree I was hoping. I still put lots of things on his plate and all he eats cheese, pasta and blueberry muffins. Everything else gets dropped on the floor - even the cheese delivery mechanism (i.e. crust) is usually discarded. He will no longer eat some of the more adventurous things he used to like.

I guess there are just only so many times I can hear at daycare 'he doesn't like X and wouldn't eat it' or watch him systematically drop the dinner I just cooked on the floor for the dogs. The white flag has been waved. Pass the grilled cheese please. That and pizza are our preferred cheese delivery mechanisms. I should just send him to Switzerland to visit Finn. The concept of fondue would probably make Charlie's head explode.

I realize I'm so overdue in posting photos or videos on here - and Charlie is doing tons of cute things lately. Especially his talking. He babbles on with so much to say. He reads books to himself, has conversations with me. He's also started giving kisses - I even caught him trying to give one to Ringo. I know, yuck, right? Poor Charlie has no idea his love for the poodles is not mutual. Ringo only kisses back because there's food stuck on Charlie somewhere.

Unfortunately, the minute I turn on my video camera he stops and wants to hold the camera. And then break the camera. If you're not breaking something your parents don't want you to have then you're really not having any fun now, are you? Anyways, SOON. I will catch him unaware. Maybe as he's playing at his new sand table. There's been lots of talking while working in the sand. It's a peaceful, reflective place, the sand table.

Anyways, in actual exciting news - our good friends, Brent and Melissa, are expecting a baby girl!!! Yes, Brent and Melissa - of Italy and Napa/Tahoe vacation fame - will have a pink bundle of joy arriving in late July. Her future wedding to Charlie is going to be QUITE the event with Melissa and I planning it (and Brent paying for it hahaha), so I would start sucking up now for an invitation if I were you.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

What happened to Charlie??

I hesitate to even commit this topic to blog because I'm fairly certain once it's over I'm not going to want to remember it, ever remember it fondly, wax nostalgic about it, etc. I have not blogged in the past week because the Molars have arrived. Much like Aunt Flo, an unwelcome but necessary guest.

It's like an alien has taken over my child's body. I'm failing miserably at negotiations to get him back. In his place is a loud, screaming, frequently upset, impatient, stubborn (ok, I suppose I can claim credit for that part) toddler from whose wrath no one can escape. A black hole of developmental misery.

It's been so bad I got a call last Monday from daycare that Charlie 'was not himself' (subtlety is apparently not this alien's strong suit) that day and strongly hinting I come and pick him up early. Every other day this week, I was gently pulled aside with concern something was horribly wrong, could it be strep throat?? Could it be this other strangely named illness that comes with a rash?

While I was fairly certain it was teething, all this concern did give me pause. Charlie had been pretty difficult Easter weekend, too. Maybe he was teething AND had strep throat! But no fever, a little drooling, going to town gnawing on different things... it had teething written all over it.

Make no mistake - being certain about my diagnosis did not make this week any more fun for me. Our nights and mornings were ROUGH. I also had some strange stomach thing all week that required 2 trips to the doctor, all to find out he thinks it's stress! Fabulous. But I'm not going to go into all that because I am actually sick of my own whining.

By the end of the week things had improved and Charlie seemed to be more himself. We went to Champps for dinner Friday night and then over to our friends Karen and Mike's house on Saturday for dinner and to let the kids play. Charlie had a great time. They have a sand table that Charlie didn't want to leave, he had so much fun with it.

Side note: So what did we do today? Happily shelled out $70 bucks for our own sand table! The first deck furniture we've ever purchased. Awesome.

My point is, we were doing great! I thought we were back to normal! And then we tempted fate and went to the mall today. Stupid, stupid, rookie parents.

All of Nordstrom's customers around 2ish today got to enjoy Charlie's high-pitched, maximum volume screech that peeled all the paint off the walls. We got to be 'those parents' today at the mall. And the dang suit Brad ordered didn't even fit and can't be altered to fit. Insult to injury.

There has just been no pleasing Charlie ever since. A little while ago, in an effort to make him laugh, Brad held Charlie upside down. He called me over in an urgent voice - we could see two top molars breaking through in addition to the one Brad felt in the lower gums last Sunday. Three molars at once. That we know of. No one can ever accuse Charlie of half-assing anything. Teething, screaming, eating, whatever.

So it's shaping up to be a super fun week for Charlie and me. At least packing his lunch will be easy - soft foods that taste good cold. Pasta, applesauce, mashed sweet potatoes, yogurt. Poor guy. I also got some freezer pops, which seem to help but are an absolute mess when you give them to a 13 month old. Cold sticky goo everywhere. They don't mix well with Type A personalities unless served with Route 44 chardonnay on the side.

Anyways, that's what's going on over here to make me such a blog slacker. Maybe I can find some more soapbox items to go off on this week. Nothing wraps up a day of listening to your child scream in pain and discontent quite like going off on something that irritates you.

As for what's left of my weekend, I have a strange surge of energy tonight so I'm about to dive into some house projects. This almost never happens - I'm usually so dead tired at this point at night, but I guess all the screaming was stimulating!

Oh, and if anyone has found the chapter in the parenting books about where the volume button is on these kids we purchased at the hospital, let me know. We didn't get a remote with our model and I really need to find a way to turn him back down to his original setting. Thanks!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend!

We went to Williamsburg this past weekend to celebrate Easter with Brad's dad, stepmom and sister. It felt so nice to get away and because Friday was a daycare holiday we went up that afternoon after Brad's flight got in. The weekend felt nice and long.

Unfortunately, Charlie is starting to cut a molar - possibly more then one - and was pretty fussy all weekend. I feel so bad for him - it seems to really hurt. They even called me at work from daycare today that he was crying a lot and upset - very out of character for Charlie.

Long story short, we really only took pictures on Easter Sunday because Charlie spent so much of the rest of the weekend intermittently upset because of tooth pain. He seemed to have a great time on Easter, when there were lots of visitors to play with.

He especially loves Sue's nephew Richard, who is 13 and just fascinating to Charlie. Charlie's already planning to be 13 you see. Like maybe some time next year.

Sue sewed Charlie's adorable little outfit - can you believe that? It was the cutest little gingham shortall with a chick on it. Not a duck, a chick. 'Chicks dig Charlie' was the message the outfit conveyed, don't you think? She also sewed the little shirt underneath. And it all fit so nicely - I was in awe.

While things are always incredibly Charlie-focused (just the way he likes them), the rest of us had a pretty fun weekend too. Art and Brad got to play some golf. Sue and I got a much needed pedicure and I celebrated my annual bonus with a couple of new dresses from Lilly Pulitzer. We enjoyed the nice weather and grilled out some yummy food. We braved the crowds in Colonial Williamsburg and went to Easter services at their church, Bruton Parish - a very nice service. It was just a really relaxing, fun weekend. Most of which I have no pictures from, but here are some from Easter Sunday...

Charlie trying to figure out what Easter baskets are all about:
Playing with Richard, whose every move must be closely observed:
Finally figuring out what Easter baskets are all about - sitting in them!
Tooth pain - happy to sad in .05.
Charlie eating his first Peep:
Charlie and Mommy:
Charlie and Daddy. If you photoshopped this with the photo above, we'd have ourselves a family picture! With twins that look like Charlie!
Hope your Easter Sunday was filled with joy and Happy Belated Easter to you all!

From My Soapbox

Disclaimer: this post is a rant, it is preachy and it is about breast-feeding. If a lecture that involves boobies is not on your list of must-reads today, you won't hurt my feelings if you move along.

I saw this article today in my daily Washington Post email and had to post because it got me so fired up: Study: Breast-feeding would save lives, money. It is about the 10th press release or article or whatever you want to call it that I've read in the past year on the same topic. Ugh.

These studies all say the same thing: Breast-feeding is proven beneficial but fewer US women breast-feed then women in other countries. If a US woman does breast feed it is, on average, for fewer months than women in other countries. Therefore, U.S. children do not reap all of the benefits of breast-feeding, suffer more illnesses, etc.

I agree with that in general - but what burns me up about these studies and their press releases it that they never really point out the actual problem. Typically, the differences are chalked up to be 'cultural' - that we are so job-focused and money-driven in the U.S. that women prioritize work over breast-feeding their babies. Yeah. Wrong. Super Wrong. Insert a giant eye-roll wrong.

After having a baby and returning to work myself, the causes of the disparity between breast-feeding rates in the U.S. and other countries seem so obvious to me that I can't believe they are so rarely pointed out.

Here's the problem: maternity leave in the U.S. Or really, the lack thereof. After my experiences, I feel like the pathetic excuse for maternity leave we have in this country is a huge driver of women not breast-feeding their children for longer periods of time here.

In the U.S. we are guaranteed by law a measly 12 weeks of unpaid leave after the birth of a baby. Apart from Australia, we are the only industrialized nation that offers no paid maternity leave at all. And even this 'benefit' is relatively recent - FMLA was just passed in 1993. What did women do before that?? Lose their jobs?

Twelve weeks is barely enough time to get yourself together after having a baby and get on an established feeding schedule. Many women can't even afford to take that much unpaid time off and head back to work as soon as they possibly can. There are, after all, bills to be paid. How they pull that off, I'm not sure. It can not be easy.

In comparison, our Canadian neighbors get 14 months of paid leave. In the UK, mothers get 16 months of leave, most of which is paid. Most European countries offer some combination of paid, partially paid and unpaid leave between 6 months and a year. Even though the Australians don't get paid leave, they are able to take up to a year of unpaid leave - 9 more months then we get in the U.S.

Shockingly (she says mockingly) women in these countries tend to breast-feed their children for longer periods of time. What a head scratcher!

My point here is simple: if mothers in the U.S. didn't have to rush back to work so soon, they'd breast-feed longer. Where is that study?

Breast-feeding while working full time is extremely challenging. Returning to work is the beginning of the end of nursing for most mothers, for a variety of reasons. A small number of many possible examples:
  • There may or may not be somewhere comfortable to pump during the day.
  • Pumping doesn't work for all mothers.
  • The stress of being at work has a negative impact on milk supply.
  • The baby is now receiving bottles during the day, which they may begin to prefer or just be more used to.
  • Trying to squeeze in feedings while rushing to get out the door in the morning or after a long day at work can be next to impossible. Throw in a nursing strike, teething or an illness and boom - you're late for work.
I consider it a downward nursing spiral after returning to work: a set of circumstances that ultimately leads to failure and the end of breast-feeding for a mom and baby.

It is most certainly not 'cultural'. I don't care how much you love working and love your job - leaving your baby for the first time to return to work is one of the hardest things you will ever do.

In my opinion, women who give birth in the U.S. are at such a striking disadvantage from then their international counterparts that until those differences are mitigated, there will be no real improvements in this arena. Until then I suppose we can just keep bashing all the poor mothers who have to cope with these circumstances over the head with implicit blame.

There. I feel so much better getting that off my chest. No pun intended - ha! I can now get to work on all the Easter pics and post now.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday for Me

I am sitting here quietly typing on my computer, hoping and praying that Charlie will go to sleep quickly tonight. The babysitter arrives in 22 minutes. My massage is scheduled in 52 minutes. He does not know this babysitter - she is subbing for the one he does know. Given the current super-fun separation anxiety phase we are going through, it would be best for all involved if he is just not even aware she is in the house.

I have to be very careful as I write this because I am a purposeful typer, which means I am loud. Have you seen Up in the Air?? I type with purpose. I have to hope Charlie can't hear me type because even that would be enough excitement for him to justify not going to sleep.

Daycare is closed tomorrow for 'Spring Break' so I quite happily took off work. I love any excuse to take a vacation day and hang with my main man. Er, men. Brad lands at 1 tomorrow. We are going to Williamsburg for Easter. It's supposed to be beautiful this weekend which would be awesome if we all didn't have such awful allergies. Even little Charlie - runny nose, sneezing and I think his throat must be scratchy because he is constantly thirsty.

But it will be fun to get outside, go to the park and wear clothes I haven't worn in 2 years! Last year there was still so very much Kara to love after birthin' ma baby that none of them fit. Ahhh, I love a happy ending.

Unfortunately Charlie's just going to have to go barefoot everywhere we go because the sandals I ordered him are way too big. Mostly because I'm dumb. Here was my stupid rationale: He wears 18-24 month size in Pedipeds brand so that is what I will order him in the See Kai Run brand. Ugh. Sometimes I amaze even myself.

They are huge so now I will pay shipping x 3 - round trip for the too-big pair and shipping for the correct pair. Go me. I wish there were more places to shop for hip baby shoes here. I went to the one See Kai Run dealer in town today (Buttons & Bows) and they had 3 pairs. Total. Please stop Overpriced Children's Boutique, you're overwhelming me with choices. Actually, if I was in the market for ballet slippers or smocked clothing, I'd be overwhelmed with choices at this place. Boys shoes just don't look as cute in displays I guess.

What else is going on....hmmm.... Charlie has learned to flush the toilet. Does that mean he's potty trained?? Haha. No, it means our water bill is going to go up! He spent this morning while I got ready for work crawling around my room, grabbing things and depositing them in the bathtub. So helpful of him to get me better organized.

I can hear him singing in his crib. PLEASE go to sleep Charlie!!!

Update Post-Massage:
Charlie did sleep. The babysitter was very sweet and gave the poodles some lovin'. The massage was mostly heavenly and only sort of painful. My back is still all messed up from being pregnant. Thanks Baby Cullen.

Because I don't have to rush off to work tomorrow I'm just going to let those dishes sit near the sink and think about cleaning themselves. So liberating.

So yeah. That's my update. Much like the current state of my life - borrrrrring.