Sunday, March 28, 2010

Charlie's First Haircut

Yesterday we got up and went to Einstein's Bagels with Charlie for a nice breakfast. We had a great time. Charlie ate some blueberry bagel and had some of our orange juice. He was talkative and it was really fun.
We then took Charlie to Pigtails & Crewcuts, a children's hair cutting place in Gayton Place, for his first haircut. We asked for the First Haircut package, which includes a plastic bag with locks of his hair along with a photo in this paper frame. We had about a 10 minute wait. Charlie had a great time playing at the train table while we waited.
They called Charlie's name and we put him in the little car they have the kids sit in while they get their hair cut. About 30 seconds later, this happened:
Charlie kept jerking his head when the stylist tried to cut his hair and she, of course, had to be very careful with the scissors. Using the clippers on the back of his head was completely out of the question. Finally, she told us there was nothing else she could do.

The result was one extremely bad haircut. I cringe every time I look at it

While all this was going on, a young guy from behind the counter, who really didn't have time for all this nonsense, came and snapped one digital photo for the frame. He printed it, put it in the frame and gave it to me. It was blurry, crooked and the stylist was partially blocking Charlie in it.

The First Haircut package at Pigtails and Crewcuts is $21.95. Even though the whole thing was less then 10 minutes and the haircut was awful, Brad (probably on auto-pilot with a screaming kid next to him) tipped the stylist 20%. He is now referring to Charlie's First Haircut as The Twenty Seven Dollar Experience.

I wish I'd just gotten the regular haircut for $16 and taken my own picture and just picked up a lock of the hair off the floor. That I could have stomached for a bad hair cut. I really think that place should have stools where the parents can hold the kids in their laps if sitting in the car is upsetting - but that's your only option.

If you live in Richmond, I have heard from a friend the Midlothian location is better. Her son was a few months older then Charlie when he got his first hair cut there and it turned out really well. They were pleased. Maybe when Charlie is older we could try that location.

I've got to figure something else out for Charlie's hair - it's so uneven and choppy. For some reason she cut bangs straight across his forehead instead of letting them sweep to the side a little, so you wouldn't have been able to tell how uneven they are. I wish she'd asked me how I wanted it cut, but she didn't.

I might see if Brad's stylist, Simone, can clip it while Charlie sits in my lap or Brad's lap. Or see if my stylist at Hair Theatre would be willing to do it - she has a son a year older then Charlie. She knows.

In any case, the Easter pictures this year are going to be... memorable!


Anonymous said...

He is too cute for words! Sorry the haircut didn't go well. We had a bad experience with the picture taking when we went too, since the picture was so bad they just charged us for the 16.95 haircut. In a few months he'll probably do great there. I love those eyes and blond hair!!! Can't wait to see him again, we need to get him and Ben together.

Lakshmy said...

What a nightmare for Charlie! Poor little guy. Hopefully something can be done to fix The Twenty Seven Dollar Experience. That adorable face needs an equally adorable haircut to go with!