Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beautiful Baby

Our close friends Lakshmy and Mike had their baby boy while we were in St. John. His name is Akash Michael Mahon and we all call him Kash. Except Brad - he's been referring to him as K-Money. Newborn high fives all around.

How sweet is this baby?? He was a pretty good sized baby, 9lbs, 5oz and seemed more then happy to camp out in mommy's tummy for as long as possible. After a lot of persuasion, though, he's finally here and we can't wait to meet him!!

Isn't he precious?? I want to eat his cheeks.... nom nom. Hopefully here in a few weeks I can get up to DC and see him in person! I'm just going to eat him up. I mean, wouldn't you??


Megan said...

Beautiful baby boy!!!! So sweet and cute! Congrats Lakshmy and Mike! Kash is the coolest name ever!!

Lakshmy said...

Thanks Megan! I will have to let Kash know that his name is a hig AND that he made his internet debut - probably while he was busy making a poopy diaper.