Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why yes, we ARE crazy

Word is the main highways and streets in DC are now clear so we're packing up the car this morning to go visit the Mahons! Not entirely sure what it will be like but Alice has 4 wheel drive and we're stopping by Starbucks on the way out so stamina will not be an issue. I have to admit I'm curious to see what that much snow looks like in the district. Being from Texas, I've never seen anything like that before.

But mostly I am just SO EXCITED to finally get to see Lakshmy! I've been kinda down thinking I wouldn't see her before the baby was born and that I was going to have to just pack up her gifts in a box to ship. It's also been quite a while since they've seen Charlie and there's no way we're exposing our little germ factory to their new baby for a few months after he's born so this is kind of a last chance sort of thing.

The Mahons bought a really cute house a few months ago in the district that I can't wait to see. I adore older homes and all their charm. They recently finished the nursery so we get to see the whole kit and kaboodle. Mike's sister, who has two little girls, passed on all these toys for the new baby that Charlie is going to get to play with so he will be in heaven. Sounds like in getting ready for us Lakshmy learned what I had to learn a few months ago - all these toys take TONS of batteries!

Their house is close to our old house in Silver Spring so it will be fun seeing the old hood. We may even have to stop by one of our old favorites, Kefa Cafe. The owners are two of the sweetest ladies you could ever meet. I'm excited to introduce Charlie to them! And pick up a cup of excellent Ethiopian coffee. Brad and I used to go there every Saturday morning for breakfast. If you ever get a chance to go by, I highly recommend. It's also near the famed Quarry House Tavern where the cheeseburgers and tator tots will make you weep with happiness. Two places keepin' it real in the Spring.

Well it's about time to get up and get ready to go. If you don't mind, please don't tell my mother we are doing this as she is bound to worry about us driving up there. Thanks!

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