Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend in DC

We made it through the DC snow and back again! For the most part, it wasn't bad. The main roads - 395, 16th street, Georgia Ave - were all clear and dry. In fact, crews have been hard at work loading up dump trucks of snow to take out of the city so it was not until we were in the Mahon's residential neighborhood that we could tell how much snow it really was. A LOT.

The DC population is going have to some strong arms by spring - from shoveling, snow ball fights and stealing other people's shovels. Yeah, that last one actually happened while we were there - from right by their front door no less! I also think the post man must be sick of trudging through the snow to deliver packages so has started dumping them in the street in front of the recipients' house. A nice neighbor brought the boxes up to the door. Good thing too, it was his and hers diaper bags! Gonna need those soon!

Anyways, on to our weekend. After a wee bit of traffic, we got there around lunch time. We took a quick tour of the house, which is darling! Built in the 30's with so much charm. The Mahons are busy customizing it and it is just so cozy and inviting. However, I always found their condo to be cozy and inviting so it must just be the things Lakshmy does to make you feel at home. At any rate, I adore older houses and this one was no exception.

The nursery is to die for. It's a beautiful shade of green, has all this natural light and the decor is coordinating but not matchy-matchy, which I love. Mostly blue, white and green with some other little accents here or there. An adorable elephant pattern on the crib bedding, some cute blue and white rugs, jungle art work, bins of toys and a book case full of stories waiting to be read. He's a very lucky baby indeed to come home to such a beautiful nursery.

They live a stone's throw away from our old neighborhood so the location is excellent - close to lots of great stuff; shopping, restaurants, parks. I'm biased I suppose. We knew exactly where we wanted to eat lunch when we got there - the Quarry House..... which was sadly closed for lunch that day. And parking by it was a nightmare since snow is taking up so many spots.

We headed over to Austin Grill in downtown Silver Spring instead, which was yummy. Charlie had a great time and even thought the orange crayon the hostess gave him looked tasty - he bit off the tip while Brad and I were looking at the menus. Once again, we have upped the ante for the Parents of the Year award!

After that we went back so Lakshmy could open up all the baby gifts we brought and one heck of an overdue birthday gift for her. Charlie also got some adorable outfits for his birthday from Aunt Lakshmy and Uncle Mike. We had cupcakes from Cake Love (yum!) and just relaxed the rest of the day. It was so nice to catch up.

Charlie took a nice long nap and then got up to attack the house, disassemble the kitchen, find dangerous things and even squeeze in a nice long conversations with Bogey, their dog. Charlie was telling Bogey all sorts of things and Bogey just looked perplexed! Who IS this tiny person and WHY does he talk so much?

That night the Mahons had friends over for a Fiesta! and we had awesome Mexican food and watched the Olympics. Mucho thanks to Steph and Ed for trekking through snow and crappy metro one-tracking to get to the party!! It was so much fun catching up.... even if we are all now painfully aware of how Brad thinks short course speed skating is a BS sport. A topic of much discussion. There was also a mutual consensus of hatred for Apolo Ohno's soul patch. Nasty. And wonderment as to how the knees of mogul skiers and whether they wobble around when they walk after age 35 or something. I love the Olympics.

Unfortunately Charlie woke up later that night in a fit and it took quite a while to get him back own again. I think he just didn't want to miss all the excitement but was too tired to really get up and enjoy the party. There was a lot of screaming. It felt like for a very long time. Despite that hiccup, it was a great party.

We slept in the next morning (well, sleeping in for parents of an 11 month old - 8am) and then Lakshmy made an incredible breakfast. I love visiting her, the food is always awesome! I probably gain 5 pounds each visit but it's worth every bite! Charlie ate a ton and played some more. He was fascinated by Mike - watched his every move Sunday morning. He took a morning nap and we visited some more and got packed up. I didn't want to go. I had checked into the Hotel Mahon and wasn't ready for check out time!

Driving back wasn't too bad, we took the beltway and saw more snow, more dump trucks and tons of split trees (sad). Driving on 95 on the weekend is always sticky but it was no worse then usual.

DC got some more snow today and they were saying they were hoping it will stick so they don't have to go back to work just yet! I was hoping that would be the case, especially for Lakshmy. A year ago when I was in that stage of pregnancy (37 weeks), I was definitely not in the mood to be at work. I just saw online they have delayed opening tomorrow but no free pass. Bummer.

I was googling some natural ways to induce labor while I was there and so I hope as Lakshmy reads this she is eating a giant bowl of pineapple and washing it down with some red raspberry tea. We're all ready to meet this little kiddo whose foot has such an affinity for her rib cage!

Most of the weekend pictures were on the Mahon's good camera, but we snapped a few as well. Per usual they were mostly of Charlie. And soon they will all be of the newest arrival - I can't wait! Love that kid already... xoxox

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Lakshmy said...

What a fun weekend! We will have to do it again very soon once little Poppy makes his debut. I am sure Charlie will have quite a bit to teach him once he arrives!