Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowy Weekend Ramblings

Brad and I are finally crawling out of our cave of sickness back to civilization. After a lot of rest and fluids and meds I think we're both feeling a lot better. Charlie is in Williamsburg with my in-laws, who were so kind to take care of him the past couple of days while Brad and I have been sick.

The thing about Charlie is he never. stops. moving. Trying to keep up with that when you feel awful is pretty tough. Him being away gave me a chance to wash everything and attack all solid surfaces with Clorox wipes. The maid service comes Monday to finish the job. It also gave me a chance to catch up on work yesterday when I wasn't resting so I don't have to dread heading back on Monday way behind on everything.

We're getting the remnants of the storm that is hitting DC and it snowed all day yesterday and sleeted all last night. It's been warmer here, though, so it didn't really stick and overall it's been a huge non-event. They did close my office yesterday around lunch but I was already teleworking since I was still contagious so just kept on working as much as I could.

Now that I'm feeling a bit better I think I'll make dinner tonight! Going to try the Pioneer Woman's braised short ribs over polenta, which looks delicious. I'm now wary of her tex-mex recipes after the chicken enchiladas turned out to be so bland, but I do think the woman knows her stewed meat. So we're going to kiss and make up over some short ribs. I optimistically saved the leftover enchiladas but I just need to dump them. Nobody goes to the trouble to re-heat bland food.

As for our vacation, we're trying again this weekend to book something. Thank you everyone who sent suggestions! Unfortunately Starwood has not graced a single suggested location with a hotel so they won't work to use all these points Brad has accumulated. It's a battle between Grand Cayman and St. John now. I know, I know, my life is full of trials and tribulations, isn't it? Poor me.

Remember when I had the stomach flu last month and read the Hunger Games and said I hope I get sick again so I can read Catching Fire in one sitting? Yeah, I was kidding. But in a strange coincidence, Catching Fire arrived in the mail on Thursday. I will always associate these books with being sick.

Anyways (SPOILER ALERT), I just about threw down the book in disgust last night when I got to the part where they have to go back to the arena. Really? Didn't we do this already? Can we not do something different in this book? I'm not sure why but it annoyed me. Like the author is having a hard time drumming up enough drama without her main characters in the arena. These are probably premature criticisms. I'm sure the story line will take a turn. I hope.

I think that's all I've got. Have a great weekend and to my DC friends - I hope playing in the snow is fun and your power stays on!! It's all fun and games until the power goes out, isn't it? Stay warm! xoxo

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