Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Snowy Hump Day

Charlie and I are home this morning because the 'dusting' of snow we were expecting here in Richmond turned into a good 5 inches of snow and whiteout conditions. This was after a layer of ice coated everything during the night.

As it became apparent the weather was quite different from the forecast, the schools (and work) made last minute decisions to close. Unfortunately, some kids were already AT school so they had to stay put until it was safe for them to be bussed back home or parents to come and get them. School started at 7:55 AM, the decision to close came at 7:30 AM. There are school administrators getting an earful today from angry parents I bet.

I just got done shoveling and clearing off our heat pumps. I've decided I could probably handle living in a colder climate but I don't think that would be Brad's cup of tea. He doesn't seem to care for things that go along with cold weather - wearing a coat/gloves/waterproof shoes, shoveling, cold weather house maintenance, staying off the roads, etc.

I'm not knocking him at all, I think it's just personal preference. Brad is the guy who goes out in the storm wearing street shoes and no coat (possibly workout shorts and Nikes) to get a venti Starbucks because he's sick of drinking the coffee at home. And walks back in the house sopping wet, happily enjoying his drink and forgetting about the 3 times he slid on black ice.

So anyways, I end up taking care of most snow-related things like making sure we have food before a storm hits. Though he does occasionally shovel. I don't mind shoveling, though; it's a pretty decent workout actually. The key is to get rid of the snow before it has a chance to melt a little and refreeze into a compacted sheet of ice. That is sooo much harder to get up then snow right after it falls.

Having grown up in Austin though, one thing I have absolutely no perspective on is protecting outside pipes during cold temperatures so they don't burst. I've heard in passing that spigots should be covered in towels and dripping. It's top on my list to google here in a sec.

Anyways, that's our Wednesday. I'm going to head into work for some afternoon meetings after Charlie is up from his nap. Have no idea if our third attempt to visit Lakshmy and Mike in DC will happen this weekend. I suppose it depends on what happens there today. It's not looking good though. I feel rather jinxed.

P.S. Made the Pioneer Woman short ribs and I must say they were rather greasy. Not her fault entirely because it's a fatty cut of meat but cooking the meat in a bath of fat is probably not the best way to do it. I think I will look for other short rib recipes though because I love the idea.

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amygunther said...

I am sure that you won't need to go to they gym for arm workouts after this winter! Arms of steel from all of the shoveling.