Friday, February 19, 2010

Poor Baby

Charlie had some minor surgery yesterday. I haven't written about it on the blog at all, I guess because it has to do with his boy parts and that doesn't seem like tasteful blog conversation! I also envisioned him reading this blog years from now and being furious I wrote about that. Mom! How embarrassing!

I guess I was also worried some would think the whole thing was weird or judge us or something. Then, rather belatedly, I realized that anyone who would do that doesn't really care about us at all to begin with so they can go jump off a cliff.

So here's the deal: When Charlie was born we decided we wanted to get him circumcised. In Virginia the OB, not the pediatrician, does the circumcision. When the pediatrician visited after the swelling from birth went down, he noticed some extra skin and twisting so told our OB not to circumcise. A pediatric urologist visited and told us to wait and come see them at 6 months.

We did and found out that they could correct it all, remove the skin, untwist, circumcise and all that with a surgery, which they recommended occur before 18 months of age. Not having the surgery wasn't a very attractive option because it would have caused a lot of problems for Charlie down the road.

Yesterday was that surgery. It required anesthesia, which scared me because Charlie has asthma and what if he had trouble breathing when he was under, etc. etc. Turns out that is nothing to be scared of because the anesthesia gas actually dilates the little branches in the lungs - sorry I didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night so I don't know all the right terms.

Everyone at the surgical center was so nice and Brad and I had a private room to wait in during the surgery. I was upset so told Brad to keep talking about mundane things to distract me. There was a TV but Charlie took the remote with him into surgery. If you've met Charlie you probably know of his deep love of remote controls. As he was carried into surgery he wasn't giving it up so Brad and I just turned the TV off and talked while he was gone. Felt like a very long time.

It took about an hour from the time I handed him over, clutching the remote, to the time they brought him back. He was upset from coming out of anesthesia but they gave him a local pain thing (again, great medical term) so the pain from the surgery itself wasn't bothering him too badly. We had an OK evening, gave him his pain meds and put him to bed.

We decided not to wake him up for more medicine last night and that ended up being a huge mistake. Charlie woke up at 1 very upset and it took almost an hour to get him calmed down, the meds working and a bottle in him. I set my alarm and woke him up at 4am for more meds. And again this morning. I have that zombie feeling like I have a newborn again!

It's really hard to see Charlie in so much pain. I'm hopeful the next couple of days goes by quickly and he's feeling better. He wants to move around and play all the time and right now it hurts. Don't even get me started on diaper changes, they are miserable. I just want him to feel better. I swear his screams poke holes directly into my heart.

So that's what's going on with us.

In happier news, BIG CONGRATS to our friends, the Franks, on the birth of their new baby Will! Haven't heard the story yet but he made an early and very quick arrival! I got an email from Karen yesterday late afternoon about Charlie's surgery and no mention of labor - and the baby was born at 10:46pm! Crazy! But so exciting!


Lakshmy said...

The Mahons (especially Bogey) are sending Charlie lots of love, hugs, and healing thoughts. Hope he feels better very soon!

B Maurene White said...

I teach pre-natal classes and post partum care of newborns. I have never heard of or seen a twisted foreskin.

I wonder if you could describe it for me in case some of my clients have a baby with this condition?


Maurene White, R.N.

Kara said...

Maurene, our specialist is actually compiling information/photos to provide to OB's who have been asking the same thing, so I would recommend getting in touch with them - Children's Urology of Virginia in Richmond.

It's strange because the doctors have said it's fairly common but it's been quite difficult for me to find information about it. I can only assume that once corrected it just becomes a faint memory to most people.