Friday, February 26, 2010

One Year Ago...

Tonight on the eve of Charlie's birthday I am feeling all sorts of nostalgic! A year ago I was checked into the hospital, found out I was contracting too regularly for them to do the gel so I was waiting until 4am for the pitocin drip. I remember Dr. D saying by lunchtime we'd have ourselves a baby. Until then I was all hooked up to monitors with nothing to do but wait! My mom was flying in and Brad was picking her up. We were all so excited to meet Charlie.

Before I went into the hospital I met Colleen for lunch at Cafe Caturra and ate my last meal for almost 48 hours. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. I wore flip flops, a tank top and cardigan to the hospital not realizing a snow storm was coming. Brad insisted on staying in the uncomfortable extra hospital bed in the L&D room with me that night. I think he was so excited and didn't want to miss anything. So much uncertainty and anticipation. Of course, nothing did end up happening that night and I had to listen to him complain about how uncomfortable he was all night!

I think the best part about scheduling my induction was that my Mom could book a flight and be there for all of it. It was such a relief having her there because Brad and I didn't know what to expect or say to each other or really do with ourselves. I love Brad but he is not the most verbal communicator and I need to TALK. A LOT. About every single thing I am feeling. And that's what I could do with my mom there.

She was so good about being there when we needed her and knowing when we needed to be alone, like when we had to decide on the C-section. She knew things I didn't, like how we needed to turn the lights down in the room after delivery so Charlie could open his eyes. And how badly I needed those saltines she snuck me after my surgery!

So many memories, just flooding back tonight. A year later and Charlie sleeps peacefully down the hall after inspecting and throwing around everything he could get his hands on in this house! He laughs and kisses and plays and is the thing I love most in the whole world. What a year.

More coming tomorrow but here's a final bump shot, the day I went into the hospital. I was BIG!!! 40 extra pounds of Charlie love right there folks...

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Nana said...

That was the most exciting time of my life! There is nothing like holding your grandchild for the first time!
Love to you all and my Charlie.