Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Things have been changing pretty rapidly around here. I mean, we are about to be 1 year old. Being an infant is sooooo last year. Here are a few and then some others I can't quite fit in other posts:
  • Charlie insists on feeding himself now. If you try to feed him with a spoon, he will barely eat anything. If you dump some food on the tray and hand him the spoon, he will still not eat much because he is not yet coordinated to get it in his mouth. However, if you guide his hand to pick up the food with the spoon and put it in his mouth, you will have success. That's the only way to have success.
  • While we loved the ABC's and 123's, They Might Be Giants' NO! CD has been a huge disappointment. Moving on to Barenaked Ladies' Snack Time.
  • Hell has set up a special staging area for anyone who dares take something from Charlie that he is even remotely interested in. It hath no fury but is working on upgrades.
  • Bought a box of bendy straws at Target today and miraculously all these little fruit and veggie drinks I've bought for Charlie (here and here) fall in the 'I love to drink them with a straw!' category instead of 'these stink, get them away from me Mom' category.
  • Even though the poodles' dog food is sitting out all day they now wait until after Charlie has had dinner and they've cleaned out his high chair to eat any of it. I guess they're saving room.
  • If you know a miniature someone about to celebrate a birthday, Sandra Boynton's Birthday Monsters book is adorable. I love a lot of her books. Charlie especially loves Pajama Time!
  • I have loved Carter's clothes for the past year because they are perfect for daycare - soft, easy to nap and play in and stains typically don't set in them. Checked out the 18 month selection today at Kohl's and I am singing a different tune. Not soft, not as cute. Hoping Macy's has a better selection and I'm wrong.
  • Charlie's feet have grown so you know what that means - new Pedipeds! The site has added a 'Celebrity' photo gallery with pictures of celebrities' kids are wearing Pedipeds. Their definition of 'celebrity' is loose and there are no signs of the Imelda Marcos of toddlers, Suri Cruise.
Charlie was up at 6:15 this morning which left me no room to shower before heading off to work. I guess I'm back to showering at night just to make sure it happens. I felt just extra special delicious yummy walking around today with no shower. Especially after all the impatient feedback I received while taking too long to get dressed.

Anyways, Sooooo glad tomorrow signifies we are halfway through the work week! Who's with me??

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Lindsay said...

I didn't love Carter's regular clothes after 12-18 months. Maybe that's when I mentally move to a more big boy look a la Gap/Old Navy/TCP?

Anyway, I still LOVE their PJs and buy the cotton ones (no yucky polyester) whenever I can get a deal on them.

Huge sale online at TCP right now, by the way. I got the boys 10 things (shirts and pants) delivered for $65!