Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Olympic Spirit

I've been watching quite a bit of the Olympics. What I miss at night because I get too sleepy, I watch in the morning on the Today show. Matt Lauer and I are tight; we're spending lots of quality time together. I hope his wife isn't the jealous type.

I love watching any sport I don't have to listen to Brad talk about being BS (i.e. short track speed skating). I love the figure skating, the luge, the half pipe and downhill skiing. We had a riveting conversation last weekend about those little pigtails worn by the female ski teams - hot or not? For some of us (ahem, Ed) definitely HOT!

But I mostly watch all the competitors and wish I was in that kind of shape. Or even a mere fraction of how incredibly fit they are. They show Lindsay Vonn working out with her trainer and I think to myself I bet she feels great afterwards. I used to take for granted a nice, long workout and how good that felt.

For me, in a post baby world, with my schedule and how often I am tied to the house with Brad out of town working, my work out options are limited. I am clearly in the worst shape of my life. The weight is off but things have moved around and there's a wiggle in my .... everything.

I've been whining about this to Brad and my friends for quite some time so I'm eventually going to have to stop whining and start doing or they may start throwing glasses of chardonnay in my face.

The thing is, during the average work day, I get just a few precious hours with Charlie. I am not willing to give up a second of that for anything. I work during the day and lately that's been heavy duty, no breaks - definitely no sneaking off to the campus gym. Early in the morning and after Charlie's bed time I am the only one home with him, so no leaving then either.

I'm working on finding a sitter who could come on Tuesday nights after bed time. I have one for Thursdays for the writing class that got cancelled. The discipline comes in letting all the errands I need to run stay undone and going to the gym instead. That's my problem on weekends too. So much to do! But it is about to get warmer and I can definitely tell Target and the grocery store to stick it if there's a tennis match to be had.

Other options: getting work out equipment for home, finding a personal trainer so I can make the most out of the two workouts I have time for during the week, getting Charlie used to the gym daycare for a weekend workout or getting a jogging stroller and becoming, sigh, a runner. That last option is just bleck. I really try to only run when chased. By a tennis ball.

So that's my current struggle and the story of how I can turn my love for the Olympics into whining about myself. It isn't easy being this shallow. But give it a try if you're feeling ambitious today!


Meredith said...

About the Olympics- Is it just me or does Bob Costas never seem to age? He either has an amazing plastic surgeon or he some sort of robot.
About working out from home- When I lived in the Bronx I had a step and some weights that I stored under my couch and I did DVD workouts. It sounds like that could be a really good option for you since you could squeeze in your workouts more easily. Just a thought! And btw, I've seen you, and you look great. :)

Stephanie said...

Not to be a lame-o, but I think they have workout videos you do with your baby...not that mommy & me stuff, but where you use them for added weight when you do sit ups, etc. Not sure if Charlie would cooperate, or if they are totally cheesy, but maybe worth checking out. When the weather warms up, I'd give the jogger a try. Perhaps your hatred of running will be overcome by Charlie's enthusiasm for it...I bet he'll think it's super fun.