Monday, February 22, 2010

In Search of Excitement

First, a post-surgery Charlie update: He is doing much better, finally. After a few rough days (and very long nights) I think he has turned the corner. While his surgery spot is still very sensitive, he is no longer in the horrible pain he was in over the weekend. He is back to his playful, cheerful self. He even squealed when we pulled into the daycare parking lot and lunged towards his good friend Freddy when I carried him in his room. His schedule is still a bit off but I think a few days of 'normal' life will help things fall back in line.

Ok, on to the post:

I just read my friend Cookie's blog describing her life in Switzerland as they celebrate Fasnacht (likes Swiss Mardi Gras). Then I came over to my blog to write a new post and OH MY GOSH does this blog feel lame! Did I really just blog about pizza vs. hummus?

We do have a vacation coming up, so that will be exciting. We are going to St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. I can feel my shoulders de-stress just thinking about it. St. John was really our best option with the Starwood points and the flights. There is a Westin resort there right on Cruz bay that we will be at for 5 nights of bliss. Tropical drink-infused bliss.

Brad just took our dive computers in to get serviced and so we're hoping to do a little diving. There's a spa at the resort that I'm going to visit. Our neighbors mentioned you can take a boat ride to a private island - that sounds romantic, no? I think there will also be quite a bit of sitting too. Sitting on the beach, by the pool, reading a book, etc. And eating. And fruity drinks Bring it.

Brad and I have been to St. John once before, just for a few hours during a trip with took with his family to St. Thomas. It was right after we got engaged (2001). We were so excited to be getting married and both loved it there; I have such fond memories of that trip. Even though some pretty crazy stuff went down - I should write about that some time. Very funny stories. Anyways, we always said we'd go back and stay on St. John after we were married. That's just how task oriented I am - we are going now.

My mom is flying in from Dallas to stay with Charlie for most of the week and then he'll head down to Williamsburg for the last night with Brad's dad and stepmom. I've struggled with going on this trip since it means leaving him behind but have finally decided we need this. Badly.

Brad has been traveling 80-100% since Charlie was 5 weeks old and we have certainly had our fair share of struggles this year. It has not been easy to be apart while learning how to take care of a baby and working full time - much more then full time in Brad's case. I think periodically he and I are going to need some time alone to remember what US is. Away from stress, laptops, phones, errands and projects. And Charlie has some pretty amazing grandparents who understand what we have been through and are giving us this opportunity.

I still can't believe we're going. In 3 weeks! Somebody pinch me! I probably won't believe it until we land in St. Thomas. I am anxious about leaving Charlie though. I HATE leaving him. But what is time to a baby? He will be spoiled by his Nana while we are gone so I just have to remember this is good for all of us.

Other then that, the most exciting thing to happen to me lately was finding these adorable items on Etsy for the birthday party centerpiece:
I just happened to find a wooden boat named Charlie on Etsy - can you believe?? It was $21! The whales were $13! I was so happy because I totally struck out at Homegoods, where a gaudy, tacky, cheap herd of Easter Bunnies recently threw up.

I think after the party they will go up in the playroom we are re-doing in the finished attic space as decoration. The whales are actually meant to be played with. More to come on the attic-redo later. I mean, it's no Mardi Gras but there may be chalkboard paint involved! Exciting!!

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Meredith said...

My friend Elizabeth is getting married wearing a bracelet named Elizabeth she found on Etsy- she and Charlie are so meta!