Thursday, February 4, 2010


Disclaimer: If you've had your fill of whining and complaining elsewhere today, I'd move along.

We are all sick in the Spooner household. On top of the double ear infection, Charlie has some sort of lower intestinal bug that is resulting in a lot of laundry. We'll leave it that. Also a mean case of diaper rash. It hurts so bad he doesn't want to sit on his bum and last night he refused to take a bath. Breaks my heart.

Brad and I have strep throat. And all the fun that comes with that. Two sick, sleep deprived adults trying to take care of a sick baby. In an increasingly messy house. Not exactly how I pictured a work week we actually got to spend together.

We delayed our trip to DC to this weekend because of the major snow storm last weekend. Now DC is getting a major snow storm this weekend. Richmond is on that annoying snow/ice/rain line that we usually depend on North Carolina for taking. I think we're getting 4 to 8 inches.

This means no fun baby shower re-do for Lakshmy. I have all these fun gifts to give her and I miss her terribly and want to see her cute baby bump and the nursery (which I have the curtains for) and their cute little house they bought. Now I'm just hoping I can see her briefly before her due date. I am most upset about this.

I found out yesterday my writing class at the University of Richmond has been cancelled due to low enrollment. This is a major bummer. Haven't decided yet what to do about that. I'm going to have the very sweet babysitter I found at the University of Richmond come once a week anyways and get myself out of the house. To do...??? Anyone want to grab dinner or a glass of wine?

Illness and bad weather are not stopping or delaying my big Feb. 16 deadline at work. It is really hard to write policies and procedures when you don't feel well. Or to be pleasant on conference calls.

Ok, that's all the whining I have for now. Oh I do have one piece of shallow good news. They weighed me at the doctor and I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Only took 11 months people! It's a small thing, but today, I'll take what I can get.

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