Friday, February 19, 2010

Attempting to Throw a Party

Charlie turns one next Saturday! I can't believe it. The shortest, yet longest, year of my life. Since Brad has to stay in Dallas through Friday night for a team building event, we put off having the party until the following weekend.

Next weekend after Brad gets home on Charlie's actual birthday, it is just going to be the three of us, celebrating becoming the three of us. Or five if you count the poodles. However, they aren't feeling all that celebratory and would like to know what the refund policy is on this kid.

For the party, I thought it would be nice to have an open house where people could drop in, say hi, eat some food and then get on with the rest of their presumably busy Saturdays. We've also done quite a bit of work on our house since moving in and I always thought we'd eventually have a housewarming-type-thing when the house was 'finished' and 'decorated'. Three years later, here we are! Still not 'finished' or 'decorated' but planning a party nonetheless.

Even though I had a plan, I completely dropped the ball on the invitations. I was going to order some from Tiny Prints, but by the time I got my act together, they would have arrived too late. Why on earth does it take them so long to produce their cards? I remember feeling frustrated with that at Christmas too.

Anyways, I am VERY fortunate that my mother-in-law, Sue, is both quite gifted in the Stationary Arts (meaning invitations and cards, not sitting still) and had some free time this week to help me out. After telling me she would just throw something together that was simple, she put together these - I gasped when I opened them - I mean, HOW CUTE ARE THESE???
They are white cards with a turquoise whale - my bedside table lamp cast a funny light on them. If you are local and haven't received one yet, not to worry - they just went out in the mail. If you do not receive one, please let me know because this is the very opposite of a well planned, organized event but I would like it very much if you would drop by!

In an effort to keep things simple, I am outsourcing all of the food. I'm trying to piece together a simple menu that will also appeal to the kids that will be attending. Here are the ideas I'm picking from so far:
  • Superstars Pizza, cut in thin slices
  • Hummus, olives, pita from the Fresh Market
  • Spinach dip, salsa and chips from the Fresh Market
  • Chicken biscuit or chicken tender platter from Chick fil A (or The Chicken Store, as my neighbors' 2 year old likes to call it)
  • Ham biscuits (Pepperidge farm biscuits with butter and thin sliced Va. ham in them)
  • Fruit platter with poppy seed dressing
  • Cheese & cracker platter (boring, but who can argue with cheese?)
So that's kind of a hodgepodge, right? What should I pick? I think we should do the pizza since it's Charlie's favorite food. Any other ideas I'm not thinking of? Email me. The party is 1 to 3 if that helps at all.

Cupcakes will either be from Urkops (light and fluffy perfection, I could eat 8) or Frosting's (denser, fancier, more expensive). Brad suggested we peruse our options before ordering. That's when it became like 'Mars and Venus Plan a Party.' Peruse our options?? What does he think I'm made of - time?? Just PICK A CUPCAKE. We haven't picked, though, so I'm sure it will be whichever place can take a rush last minute order.

And of course there will be alcohol - there are parents of small children coming by after all! I'm thinking some different beers, some kind of sangria or champagne punch with a kick. And a special drink for the kids that is not red or so sugary that their parents hate me the rest of the day.

It feels like a lot to do. As Sue pointed out, so many decisions for a party the guest of honor will not remember or appreciate! But it is more for us, I get that. We're trying to work our way into the Richmond child's birthday party circuit after all.

We will have some extra help that weekend though, which gives me great hope I won't lose it. Brad's Mom, Hope bought a plane ticket and is coming for the party! Right after Charlie, she is our guest of honor, flying all the way from Arkansas to be here for the weekend. It's going to be great to see her, catch up, and have some extra eyes on Charlie while I get ready for his bash.

So there you go - my project for the next 2 weeks. I need paper goods, food, drinks, table decor, random decorative things for the house and someone to come fix the big hole in my kitchen ceiling that the electrician left. And don't even get me started on whether I feel ready to go on a vacation in 3 weeks that will require clothes that have been packed away for almost 2 years. And for which we have yet to book plane tickets. Because that would just stress me out.

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