Saturday, January 16, 2010

You Gotta Beat Up the Beat! And New Moon (mostly)

Anyone else watching Jersey Shore? Yeah, we're pretty much addicted over here at the Spooner house. It is truly the train wreck you can't turn away from. I'm embarrassed to like it. But it's SO FUNNY! The kids are just so matter of fact about their jackass-ness. And I can call them kids even though some of them are 28 because I'm not on a reality TV show making a jackass of myself.

The cast is embarrassingly frank about their perpetuation of stereotypes (both gender and cultural), their uber-casual approach to sex and drinking and their unadulterated love for themselves. The things they manage to say with straight faces in their on-camera interviews is astounding.... Brad and I are laughing our heads off the entire time. You can't write stuff this good!

We watched it On Demand, which showed the footage of Snookie getting punched. WOW. Unbelievable. I think I read the guy that hit her has since gone to rehab and is now on some national speaking tour about violence against women or something. He's a doctor, which is the very scary part. An extremely drunk, violent doctor. Please tell me he was not on call that night. Anyways.

OK, so switching topics. NEW MOON. Loved it. Still Team Edward, but loved it. I walked out of Twilight thinking Really?? That was the best they could do? But I walked out of New Moon thinking yeah, that probably WAS the best they could do. I mean, none of us are expecting these to win Oscars or anything - just lots of MTV Moonmen and People's Choice Awards.

But fans of the book just want to go relive the romanticism of the books on the big screen. Twilight didn't really capture the sexual tension of that book very well but New Moon did. What was so enjoyable about the books was the drawn-out sexual tension (clarification to non-readers - not sex, but the tension in their budding relationship) and getting to be 17 again and remembering falling in love for the first time. In my opinion, that is why so many women my age love them.

Back to the movie - they can't go back and fix the bad casting already in place (ahem, Rosalie and Jasper) but the special effects were pretty decent. The film has the same screenwriter, yet the script felt more true to the book - in all fairness this may the result of having a larger budget to interpret the book with. And a much more capable director made the whole thing less cringe-worthy.

Methinks Catherine Hardwicke just got lucky with Thirteen because Twilight was bad in a way you can only blame the director for. Parts of it I can't watch it's so bad. I guess Catherine must feel a debt of gratitude to Nikki Reed for the Thirteen success because that's the only way I can explain her casting as Rosalie - a tall, pale, Nordic-like blond played by someone of medium height who is Jewish-Italian-Cherokee. She's a good actress but wigs can only do so much.

Sidebar - anyone else unnerved by Jasper miraculously obtaining a "Texas" accent in his last line of the film? He must have read the Eclipse script between that and his earlier scenes. I can see the thought process - Oh crap, I'm from Texas! I better find a way to segue!

But whether you liked it or hated it, can you honestly tell me, fellow 30-somethings, that you can find anything wrong with THIS??
I didn't think so. As my sister Meredith tweeted after she saw the movie: New Moon, you had me at gratuitous shirtlessness.


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Meredith said...

Are they shirtless because they're werewolves, or are the werewolves because they're shirtless?