Sunday, January 17, 2010

Plotting Their Escape

Finally, Charlie and the poodles have a common causes. To get out of the house!

It's a cold, rainy day here so we are probably going to stick around the house today. I need to pack for my trip to El Paso and go to bed early. My flight leaves at 6:30am. I need to get a good book to read for the flight because Catching Fire hasn't arrived yet. Thoughts? Also a book of sudoku puzzles keeps me pretty well entertained. I use to do puzzle after puzzle on the metro in DC during my commute.

Last night we picked up sushi from one of our favorite places, Sticky Rice. Unfortunately it was awful. The fish was ... ok (usually it's still flapping around it's so fresh) but the rice tasted a day or two old. Some of the avocado was brown too. Blah. Brad called to complain and without the slightest protest they refunded our money. Wonder what is up with Sticky Rice?? A Richmond institution!

Also weird - if you click on the Sticky Rice home page you'll see a drawing of a man. I read the story and apparently the drawing is by a woman who told her psychologist that the man visits her in her dreams and gives her advice. The psychologist circulated the drawing amongst his colleagues and some of their patients recognized the man from their dreams. People all over the globe have recognized him. Can I just say that this Freaked. Me. Out. Last night I was certain he was going to show up in my dreams like some kind of advice-giving boogey man. But he did not. Interesting, yet creepy read if you're in the mood for something like that.

Anyways, back to normal stuff -

I think I'm going to make Tagliatelle Bolognese for dinner tonight. I was watching Martha Stewart earlier and she had Biba Caggiano on her show making this recipe and it looks mouth watering. I love making things on the weekend that need to simmer for an hour or two. I cut everything up during Charlie's afternoon nap, get it started while he's playing and by the time he's bathed, fed and down for the night dinner is ready for me and Brad!

A few more pics from last night and this morning just hanging out at the house eating, practicing our cruising and playing the game where Charlie crawls away and I chase him. He loves that game.

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Lakshmy said...

LOVE the pictures! Looks like Charlie has two partners in crime with Zoe and Ringo....