Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monday. We Meet Again

It is mass frozen chaos around here in Richmond after getting about a foot of snow over the weekend. Schools were closed and a lot of businesses had delayed openings. My employer asked everyone to telework since there was still a lot work to be done on the parking lots and sidewalks around campus.

Despite all the melting that went on today, things are refreezing and schools are cancelled again tomorrow. The kids are ecstatic, the parents are panicked - I can safely say the children's museum will be a zoo tomorrow afternoon. The scent wafting around town is desperation - to leave the house.

Charlie was warm again when he woke up today and so we took him to the doctor. Double ear infection and a fever but luckily his chest was clear. He was given new antibiotics, some white liquid he hates. He napped a ton today and went to bed relatively early so hopefully he's on the mend. We'll see what the morning brings as to whether he'll hit up daycare for some play time.

Yesterday I made the Pioneer Woman White Chicken Enchiladas which sat in the fridge until tonight for dinner. Verdict: Bland. I should have known better after looking through the recipe - no garlic called for, the seeds are removed from the jalapenos, and paprika is used as a spice.... The recipe as a whole is in dire need of salt. And some lime juice somewhere. At least I was able to use the leftover chicken bones for some homemade stock to use later.

Anyways, I think I will try some more of the PW's home cooking type recipes but avoid the tex-mex. And that's no knock on her recipes. I love the Barefoot Contessa too and I avoid her tex-mex like the plague. She doesn't even like cilantro and replaces it with parsley. Ick. Paula Dean doesn't trust a skinny chef and I don't trust one who hates cilantro.

In other news, Brad and I are still engaged in the great vacation debate of 2010. I think I've mentioned before that Charlie's Nana wants to spend her spring break with him in March and has offered to keep him so Brad and I can get away for a few days.

The requirements:
  • We want to use Starwood points since Brad has so many of them
  • Preferably fly American so we can upgrade
  • We don't want it to be horribly far away so 7 to 8 hour max flying time from Richmond or 3-4 max from DFW (since we'd have to fly there first with Charlie)
  • Kara is not feeling wild about going to Mexico
  • We would like to avoid spring breakers. They can be down the street but not next to my pool chair.
  • I haven't skied in years and this isn't the trip I'd like to invest in the bunny slope.
  • No Las Vegas or Cancun
Just amazing we haven't found anything right? The top contenders (all of which have downsides) have been
  1. St. John, USVI (Resort is not that nice but this is a front runner).
  2. Seattle, Wa. and Victoria, BC (Kara's favorite but Brad has decided he'll be too cold. WIMP.)
  3. Grand Cayman (this has potential and scuba diving. unsure of spring break crowd)
  4. Aruba (kind of a high rise situation that's not looking appealing)
  5. Los Cabos (nixed for spring breakers and being in Mexico)
Anything obvious we've missed? I wish it wasn't so cold in Montreal in March. Am debating San Fran and Napa but that doesn't have Brad too excited for some reason. Maybe I can work on that. He must be envisioning sand in his toes. Oh Hawaii, why do you have to be so far away???

Yeah so that's what's going on here in between snow storms and ear infections. Toodolooo!


Stephanie said...

Maybe Costa Rica or Belize?

Lindsay said...

I was also going to say CR or Belize. Or the other way, I hear Banff is heaven.

Kara said...

Believe it or not, there are no Starwoods in Belize or CR. These hotel points our turning out to be a bit limiting.