Saturday, January 30, 2010

A January Snow Storm

I think the weather men in Richmond must be on revolt after being criticized for so long for making a big deal out of nothing in their snow forecasts. The last three snow storms they have way under predicted.

This week's predictions started at 3 inches then increased to maybe 6, to 6 to 10 as of last night, 8 to 12 this morning and now 11 to 13. And seriously guys, this storm is about to stop ANY SECOND. Yet it keeps snowing. It's been snowing since I got up at 6:30AM.

I don't mind really. We were able to delay our trip to Washington, DC to see the Mahons and celebrate their baby on the way until next weekend. We'll actually get to see more of them so I think that is better. And after a really hard week for both of us, Brad and I are enjoying resting at home and playing with Charlie.

Brad *barely* made it home last night. I was anxious about it all day. They had a deadline and he didn't have a flight even booked until 6:30PM. He got the last seat on the last flight from LGA to RIC. When they cancelled the flight before his I got really panicked. He did eventually make it, though after midnight. He had been at the office the night before until 4am. Needless to say, he's pretty tired

I was so stressed out last night but today I am uncharacteristically zen. Being trapped in the house during a snow storm is about as relaxed as you'll ever find me not on vacation. No errands to run, the gym is closed, everyone is at home too. I don't feel all that pressure that follows me around every other day of the week to get it all done. It's like a holiday with no commitments.

I love to cook something yummy, put on some nice music (I'm playing Vivaldi's Winter right now to be funny) and I get the closest I ever get to taking a nap. That means I give several minutes of hard consideration to napping and then don't. But that I'd even consider it is a testament to my relaxation level!

I also love our house when it snows. It is so peaceful outside with the trees covered in snow. Some birds swoop by now and then and it's just serene. I could stare outside all day. I actually keep the lights turned off all day so the first thing you see when walking in a room is the snow falling outside the window or the fire in the fireplace. Lovely.

Later today our neighbors are going to trudge over in the snow for some Pioneer Woman Beef Stew with Mushrooms, wine and some Australian Open rebroadcasts. That beef stew is turning out to be my snow storm dish - I made it last time it snowed.

Here are some shots around our house at about 2pm:

Here's what's piling up for Brad to shovel later. And yes, he has been wearing shorts all day.

Since the snow is dry and light the poodles like running around it. With wet snow they turn around at the back door and look at you like Really?? You expect me to go in this??

They were being very agreeable today so here are some Bad Poodle Snow Frolic photos:

Hope everyone out there is enjoying as nice a Saturday as we are having. We'll eat some beef stew for ya! xoxo

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