Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Likes to Eat

Especially spaghetti! And pizza. Actually anything involving carbs and cheese (he gets that from me). And as of this morning, blueberry muffins.

Oh and Papa Hartz would be proud - this kid LOVES rice! Plain, mixed with pureed veggies, white rice, brown rice - yum yum as far as Charlie is concerned!

Charlie's really fun to take to restaurants now. He sits in the high chair and tries just about anything. He likes to drink out of a straw but the only thing he likes to drink is water. No juice, thank you very much. Of course he also makes a huge mess so we have now become excellent tippers!

Well, I'd write more but my child with the marathon metabolism needs to be fed again.


Stephanie said...

I love it! He's getting so big. Do they make ponchos for babies to wear while eating spaghetti...? :)

amygunther said...

Finn doesn't like to drink juice either. Funny! He is getting so big. I love the cute messy photos of eating...not so much fun to actually clean up...