Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been a blog slacker lately! Periodically over the last week I've thought of different things to post but none of them were that interesting or went together enough to piece something entertaining together. Lucky you, I'll just update you on what we've been doing:
  • Had a pretty good weekend. Brad and Charlie checked out the Little Gym, I got my hair cut and Brad and I went to dinner with Karen and Mike at Mezzanine, which was delish. They have baby #2 set to arrive in just a few weeks (on Charlie's birthday actually) so it was a last supper of sorts for a while.
  • Conclusion on the Little Gym was that even though the class is for 10-18 months, Charlie really needs to be walking first. Might try Romp n' Roll next. With Brad gone most weeks I think it would be nice for them to have something to do just the two of them each weekend.
  • Sunday I started to not feel too great and even had to leave Kristen's birthday party next door because I was feeling so bad. Glad I left when I did because I got sick when I got home. Some stomach bug everyone is blaming on food poisoning. I was so achy though.
  • I stayed home sick from work on Monday and when I wasn't sleeping I was reading The Hunger Games. OMG, Awesome book. Run, don't walk. I'm about to order the next book in the series, Catching Fire. I hope I get sick again so I can read it in one sitting! Er...maybe not.
  • While I was recovering from being sick Charlie burst an eardrum some time on Monday night we think. When I got him out of the car at daycare Tuesday I saw all this wax and stuff outside his ear. Brad took him to the doctor a few hours later and that was the diagnosis. So he is back on antibiotics. The amoxicillin market has seen a boost since Charlie's birth I tell you what. We are at the pediatrician every other week and Brad and I are getting sick a lot more this winter too.
  • Yes, you read that right - Brad took Charlie to the doctor Tuesday! He got sick Sunday night too so stayed home Monday to recoup and is just going to stay in town this week. It's so fun having him around. So much fun that I'm trying not to think about it because next week he'll be gone again. Sigh.
  • Brad has taught Charlie how to high five and Charlie thinks it's hilarious. Brad obviously does a majority of the work but Charlie does raise his hand up and get it all positioned. I have to get it on video to post.
  • Charlie's 7th tooth came in on the bottom. His hair is also growing like crazy. It has kind of a mullet look to it right now so I'm contemplating when to get his first hair cut.
  • Do you remember that band in the 90's They Might Be Giants? Yeah the ones that sang Istanbul was Constantinople, Now it's Istanbul not Constantinople, so if you've a date in Constantinople she'll be waiting in Istanbuuuullllll. Well they made a couple of kids CD's and Charlie got one from his Aunt Megan and Uncle Carlos and we just ordered the other. Pretty decent for kids' music! Brad and I can't quit singing the songs - or get them out of our heads. I highly recommend.
  • Did I tell you I finally saw New Moon? I didn't? Well I'm not sure I have enough thoughts for an entire blog entry but I'll try. Ya know, since opinions are not something I'm generally running short on.
  • If you are reading this, chances are I owe you a thank you note. I have no excuse, I am just way behind. It's probably too late to point out I did get Christmas cards out mostly on time huh??
That's all I got. Happy Hump Day!


Soña said...

Didn't click through but we got two They Might Be Giants CDs for Christmas for Andrea. Kevin bought her the 1,2,3s and her uncle (Kevin's brother) got the A,B,Cs. I assume those are the ones you are talking about? I prefer the ABC one. I actually despise TMBG. I know...I'm sure horrible music karma will now rain down upon me. But anyway, this is ok music. I'm waiting on the Killers to put out a kids CD.

Kara said...

Yeah those are the two we have, though I think there are some others. I never really felt strongly about TMBG one way or another, but I think their lyrics are clever on these CD's. It's kid's music - it's not gonna be what you'd normally listen to, ya know????

Rompyrog said...

As an owner of the Virginia Center Romp n' Roll, I can't to hear how you liked it. If you haven't already, try the mixed ages so both kids can take a class together and you get the big sibling discount (50%).

As for kids CDs, we are constantly on a quest for good, non-insipid children's songs. The Barenaked Ladies have one called "Snacktime" and it's my fav of the bunch although I LOVE TMBG.

Made the mistake of thinking anything TMBG did was kid friendly. WRONG! Right in the middle of Open Gym came the blaring lyrics, "you son of a bitch" It DID have a bouncy beat...(sheepish look)

amygunther said...

I am going to run and download that book recommendation for my reader. I need a good read. Oh, and Finn is part of the mullet club as well. I keep trying to encourage the front to grow in more but it stays short. Business in the in the back...

Lindsay said...

Hunger Games = SO GOOD! Catching Fire wasn't AS good, but still so so worth it. I wanted to beat up the person that recommended it to me, though, when I found out that book 3 doesn't come out until next Fall!

I've read Hunger Games twice now - both in 24 hours. CF took a little longer, but not by much!