Sunday, January 31, 2010

11 Months of Charlie

We are getting dangerously close to no longer defining Charlie's age by months - he's going to be a year!! Why is that making me all misty-eyed and sentimental? I keep thinking about what we were doing a year ago to get ready for him and how excited we were. I'm maintaining a completely romanticized version of all that naturally, as I had debilitating back pain and constant heartburn and Brad was feverishly job hunting after being laid off. But it was a Perfect and Magical time!!

But anyways, on to the update. It doesn't feel like there's as much to write this time as things stay more status quo the older he gets. Or maybe things progress so slow I am not realizing it.

Our little munchkin (current nickname: The Munch) is eating a lot, moving all the time, growing really fast and has quite a bit to say. Most of it doesn't make sense but I think his words with meaning include DAH (Dog) and BAH (bath). Lots of Dadadadadaaaaahhh and Mamamamamamahhhh but I can't quite tell whether he associates that with us or not.

Charlie has gotten a lot easier to take care of if that makes sense. We can take him out to dinner and put him in a high chair. He loves to go to Target or the grocery and ride in the cart. He likes people watching from his stroller at the mall. Where I used to feel like I had to wait until Brad got home on the weekends to get my errands run now I feel like I can take him with me. He used to scream from gas pain or boredom or who knows what if I took him anywhere - it was awful. Now it's fun! I can also cook something for dinner if I give him tupperware or steel bowls and a wooden spoon to play with. Having dinner on a weeknight ... something I would have never dreamed about when he was 5 months old.

I never mentioned this before because I didn't realize not every baby did this, but Charlie likes to hit things. If he has any two objects he wants to see what happens when you bang them together. If there's nothing to hold then he wants to hear his palms slap on whatever is in reach - the floor, the sliding glass door, the table. I thought all babies did this, as I don't really have a basis for comparison. I've since been told (especially by mothers of girls) that this is not the case for every kid.

Charlie also loves to shake things. He's grown out of the phase where everything goes into his mouth but if you had him anything he will shake it to see if it makes a sound or what it feels like. Do you know how challenging it is to take a photo of a child who is always shaking things? Let me demonstrate:

In addition to shaking things, standing is a favorite activity.
Why do anything if you're not standing? It's pointless. I'm greeted in the morning by Charlie standing in his crib, typically having an in-depth conversation with... who knows? Fortunately he will stop standing at bed time in order to go to sleep. He's a great sleeper at night. Still won't nap much during the day especially at daycare. He goes all day at daycare, standing, shaking things, walking behind push toys and eating. Ahhh eating.

Favorite foods are mac n' cheese and pizza. Everything else he'll sample, some he'll eat more of, but he's very fickle. One week he'll love a certain food and the next he wants nothing to do with it.

In what has to be the ultimate in baby food snobbery, Charlie doesn't like reheated leftovers. Don't ask me how he knows, but if I warm something back up the next night, he's not having it. Nothing doing mom. The dogs get plenty of whatever Charlie's having (or not having I guess) since he's nice enough to drop it on the floor next to the high chair.

I'm already starting to shop for some birthday toys for Charlie and it is so much fun. I've found so many things - a Radio Flier Wagon, Little People sets, trucks, building blocks. I think we may have to have a mid-year birthday too because summer is coming and we need a sand box! And a trike!

There were so many out takes to choose from this time. The challenge in working with a constantly moving object. ;)

Talk to you next time when we'll be, sniff sniff, a year!!

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Megan said...

Awww I love all the pics of him shaking things! He is so smart to want to do that! He must get it from Aunt Meg. I know I say this all the time but, He is really looking like a real person and not just a blob! A good looking little man too!