Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Weekend: Party and Sick Charlie

I would have written sooner but Charlie's minor cough from last week turned into a moderate cough over the weekend and a severe cough by Monday. He's been on asthma and steroid inhaler medicine almost the whole time - the asthma inhaler makes it hard for him to sleep. At least some of the time. He slept 18 hours Sunday night, minus a half hour at 4am. 7pm to 1pm. Then another nap that afternoon. That's an insane amount of sleep for the kid whose reputation at daycare is the baby who doesn't nap. However he's been up at odd hours since last Thursday. I've been up with him. Yawn.

We went to the doctor on Monday after he woke up and he had a 101.3 fever. Diagnosis: respiratory infection. He's on the baby version of a z pack and I think he must feel pretty cruddy because if I don't give him baby Tylenol every 4 hours he gets very upset, like it hurts. He also has no appetite. Seriously - Charlie. With NO appetite. Never seen that one before. That would be like, I don't know, ME with no appetite.

I've worked from home the past two days. Monday he slept so much I was able to get a lot done. Today I hired the doula (remember the doula??) to take care of him while I worked. Good thing too - he went from tired and sick to ornery and sick. Grouch-ola.

His sleep is also very broken, probably from all the drainage and coughing so she was here to get him up and take care of him while I was on conference calls. He fights going down to sleep a lot and then cries while he is sleeping, which breaks my heart. It's the most pathetic sound, like an injured baby bird. Once he's out though, he's really out. His body is working overtime.

Tomorrow MIL Sue is coming to take care of him while I work. It's a huge, busy, stressful work week for me with all the year end deadlines that must be completed before I take off for Christmas next Tuesday. So of course Charlie gets sick this week. I'm pretty sure the concept of Murphy's Law was developed by a working mother whose husband travels.

In more fun news, Brad and I had an awesome time at his Christmas party. We stayed at the W Victory Park, which was a couple of blocks from where the party was. I met so many nice people that Brad works with (even a Bad Poodle reader wink wink) and we both had so much fun. We went to the Ghost Bar after the party which was delightfully Dallas cheesy. The view is incredible, the drinks were....strong, and the conversation excellent. So many characters to run into at the Ghost Bar. I highly recommend.

The next morning we were awakened by the announcer of the White Rock Marathon, which was kicking off at the American Airlines center next door. That was fun. My one morning away from baby and I'm still up at 7am! So we just ordered room service for breakfast and were lazy until it was time to head back up to my parent's house. It was so nice to have a whole night to just focus on each other. We're so focused on Charlie I don't think we always realize how much we neglect 'us'.

So I ended up going with the purple dress. The other one looked rather cheap up close so it's been sent back to Lord & Taylor with my receipt and best wishes. My sister recommended someone at her salon to blow out my hair and she was late so did my makeup for free! Definitely the best picture of me for 2009. I may never change my profile pic on Facebook after all the nice compliments! By the way, you should try this pose for pictures - I see celebrities do it all the time and it really is quite slimming. Object is actually larger then it appears.
My parents and sister had a great time with Charlie even though he was more tired then usual and napped a lot. When he was awake he was in a great mood and had fun playing with all the stuff my mom got to keep him entertained. I love this pic of him with my Dad - football watching buddies with the A&M football my Aunt Judy sent:

Charlie with his Aunt Megan (for some reason I don't have any of my mom with Charlie - must be on her camera)

The flights were atrocious. On the way there Brad upgraded us but it wasn't as fun as first class can be because Charlie was just into everything and wanted to go back and forth between me and Brad. He also grabbed the flight attendant's rear end, which gave her quite a surprise! I thought he would just go to sleep but I was sorely mistaken. We just said keep the wine comin' and were both pretty worn out by the time we arrived.

Charlie was really starting to be sick on the way back so it was even worse. He cried for about 30 minutes, therefore making us 'those people' on the flight, and finally Brad took him to the empty back row so he could lay back and let Charlie sleep on his tummy. Sleeping on his tummy is a necessity. Don't question the tummy.

Overall we are so glad we went even with the flights and sickness following. I mean, Charlie could have gotten sick if we stayed in town too so no use speculating. I think we are both hesitant though to fly with Charlie again any time soon. I was thinking about it on the flight home and realized he's gotten sick almost every time we've flown somewhere with him. Time to give the kid a break. He's already seen 10 states after all! So for now, we recover....

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Soña said...

Whaaaaaa??? Sick after every flight? Um, you did not disclose this in our email chat about flying with a baby.