Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Visit to see Santa

Brad, my mom and I took Charlie this morning to see Santa at the Children's Museum of Richmond. We tried to get there as early as possible but there was already a long line at 9:30. When we arrived and saw the line I looked at Brad and could tell we were both weighing how much we wanted to do this vs. how long it was going to take. We asked ourselves Are we insane? I think that's a given seeing as we were visiting Santa two days before Christmas. So we decided we'd stay until we had a meltdown on our hands and let that be the deciding factor.

Surprisingly Charlie did a great job waiting for over an hour and a half and was just starting to get tired and fussy when we got up to see Santa. He slowly worked on a bottle and stared at other kids, all of whom seem to like his name. Charlie.... like Charlie Brown?

When we got Charlie on Santa's lap just kind of stared at him and then back at us and then back at Santa, etc. Finally after the pictures were taken and Santa was wrapping up his sweet little talk to Charlie did the tears come. No smiles, but a tear-free photo. And Charlie was unwilling to give up his plastic container of puffs for the pictures so that's what's in his hands.

The little outfit was a gift from Great Aunt Judy and has a reindeer on the front. It came with a cute striped beanie but we didn't want to press our luck after skipping the morning nap entirely. Santa complimented Charlie on his outfit and said he looked very nice! Thank you Aunt Judy!

Now that we've skipped the morning nap Charlie seems to want to skip napping entirely today! Fortunately he has his Aunt Mimi here to play with. As further evidence that we are insane, Brad and I are heading out to finish Christmas shopping. :)

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