Thursday, December 17, 2009

Still Sick

I found out yesterday that all but 4 of the babies in Charlie's infant room at daycare are out with the same symptoms. Some siblings and parents sick too. They cancelled the little holiday get together for Friday afternoon because they didn't think many could attend.

I went to the doctor today and got some medicine. I hope I feel better in the morning because I have some stuff I can't miss tomorrow at work. I'm still not sure about whether Charlie will go to daycare tomorrow or not. He's been home all week and has slept more then I've ever seen him sleep. But his appetite and energy levels are returning and he's several days past being contagious so it might be good for him to get out and play for a few hours.

I have this thing when I'm sick where I wear the same thing every day. Then it's like an official sign I'm better when I start wearing something else. I also have this very old ratty cashmere sweater that I plod around in when things get particularly pathetic. That got pulled out today after I got home from the doctor.

In addition to work year-end deadline stress, holiday stress, having a sick child and feeling sick myself, our dryer broke this week. I got someone out to work on it today and the heating element is broken. He told me at first it would be next week before it could be fixed. I took a deep breath and thought that's ok, I can pull it together until then. Then he got on the phone with Fisher & Paykel and they can't even send the part for at least 3 weeks. That's when I lost it. The Fisher & Paykel rep got an earful all the way over in New Zealand and the repair man was very happy to leave.

Because it was such a rotten day I decided pizza and a movie was in order. For some reason food hasn't tasted that good since I got sick and I've been wandering around kind of hungry for most of the last 3 days. Gorged myself on Domino's Hawaiian pizza a few hours ago - problem solved.

I also watched Julie & Julia - have you seen it? Or read it? I read about half of the book when I was on maternity leave until I decided Julie was too much of a neurotic famewhore to tolerate for another 200 pages. The premise is a girl in New York (Julie) cooks all of the recipes in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 365 days. And blogs about it. The movie flips back and forth between Julie's life and Julia's life to show the parallels.

Except in real life there were actually very few parallels. Julie wrote her blog in an attempt to find some kitschy way to get herself published and better compete with her more successful friends. In fact she starts the blog because a friend who is not a writer starts one and how dare she do that when writing is Julie's thing! Just about all the Julie parts of the movie were kind of irritating.

I wish the movie had just been about Julie Child, who is fascinating to me - and Meryl Streep was incredible playing her. She led such an interesting life and always had such wonderful perspective about everything. It came out in the movie that she wasn't fond of the Julie/Julia project - she thought it was a stunt (which it was) and the blog never focused on the results or what the writer learned about cooking from the recipes. Which means Julie completely missed the point of the cookbook.

Even so, the blog became a book that became a movie and the writer is working on another book (eye roll). I also read in People that as her fame took off she began cheating on her husband who turned around and cheated on her. Not quite the love story the movie paints but that's Hollywood. Anyways, it's a cute show and the Julia Child parts are wonderful.

Sorry if that got long - I'm on the loopy cough syrup right now. Must go figure out Christmas Dinner menu before I get too fuzzy headed. Good night!

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Tracy said...

I hope you and Charlie both feel better soon. I have a sick Owen sleeping on my chest right now and I'm supposed to be baking for a big birthday party we're having at our house for my dad tonight. I'm wishing you a healthy and restful weekend!