Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Day

We've gotten a record amount of snow for December in the past 36 hours. Snow in Richmond is funny - either everyone makes a huge deal about it and nothing sticks or everyone thinks it's all hype and we get a foot. This storm falls in latter category. So did the big snow storm that happened when I was in the hospital right after giving birth to Charlie.

I was home sick from work yesterday, doing a little work here and there on my computer but managed to make it to the store on the way to pick up Charlie from daycare. The check out kid was being pretty critical about how crowded the store was, all over a few inches of snow. Now that half the town is shut down that seems kinda funny! Anyways, it was packed and they were sadly out of fresh french bread but I got out of there with a few things. It started to snow on the drive home. Luckily Brad had flown in from Dallas the night before.

I decided to make this yummy beef stew by the Pioneer woman, who I had never heard of before I read Lindsay's blog. Instead of noodles I served it over white cheddar polenta and it was so, so very delicious. Right as it was about done I peeked outside and there was already a couple of inches of snow on the ground - in the course of 2 hours! It was exciting! Made me a little nervous we'd lose power but we still have it.

When we woke up this morning we had 8 inches easy. Here's what we saw from our front door:

Our back door:

From the deck:And Brad's car and Elvis (Alice is in the garage)
We've had a pretty low key day. I reorganized the whole kitchen, planned some for Christmas dinner and made Charlie his first grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. He absolutely loved it. Our neighbor Jason very thoughtfully came and shoveled off our side porch so we can get out of the house now. We may head over there to avoid cabin fever later.

Despite all the cold temperatures Brad has been hanging out in his 'uniform' of gym shorts. It can be July or January, a blizzard or a heat wave - Brad will have on those Nike gym shorts. I wish I could hide them during the winter. He keeps talking about 'when' we leave the house later today, which is kind of funny after seeing several cars fishtail their way down our street. He was also talking about going to the gym - but they are closed due to the weather. We are supposed to get another 4 to 6 inches this afternoon and evening.

Other then a possible trek to the neighbors to get out I think we will mostly be sitting in front of the fire - maybe a movie, surfing the web, playing with Charlie or taking a nap. OK there might be some cookies involved too....
Isn't our fireplace retro? I've been trying to find words other then 'ugly' to describe it. Well, it's Spooner nap time! Have a good one!

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