Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Ahhh a day in the life. I wrote up our daily schedule on the blog when Charlie was first born and looking back on it is downright scary. Then I went back to work and it got so scary I didn't even want to write it down and commit it to memory. I'm still not quite sure how I did that.

But now it's a lot easier, though I wouldn't call it easy. Since our schedule has been kind of the same for a while I thought I'd write up - ya know, before it changes again. Brad is gone every week M-F for work and Charlie and I have settled into a bit of a routine. It goes a little something like this:

6:30-7am: Charlie wakes up and starts babbling in the crib. This wakes me up. After 10 minutes of that it turns to crying and standing up in his crib, demanding to be heard. I usually run downstairs and put the bottle in the warmer and let the poodles out. Then contend with Mr. Fussypants who does not want his diaper changed.

7-7:30am: Charlie eats and we play. I scarf down some cereal.

7:30-8: Get Charlie dressed and give him his breathing treatment. More playing.

8-8:30am: Charlie goes in the exersaucer and I get ready for work. If I take longer then 15 minutes I hear about it. That is why I look the way I do at work. Once I'm ready I put the poodles out back, load everything up in the car and get Charlie in his carseat. All while trying to convince him we're actually having fun.

8:30-9am: Drive to daycare, drop off, chit chat with the teachers, play with Charlie for a minute and then I drive to work. Luckily it's 5 minutes from daycare.

9am-5pm (approx): a bunch of boring stuff you'd rather not read about. Meetings. Voicemails. Emails. Jargon. Your typical corporate broo-haha.

5:15/30ish: pick up Charlie from daycare and drive home

5:45-6:15 pm: We play. If the weather is nice we walk around outside and get the mail.

6:15-6:45 pm: Charlie eats dinner and I try to eat something too. Put a bottle in the warmer.

6:45-7ish: Bath time and put on PJ's. Attempt to keep wet/dirty diapers away from Zoe and no left over baby food on the counter that might get counter-surfed away.

7-7:15 pm: Charlie eats his night time bottle. He's starting to hold it himself. sniff, sniff.

7:15-7:30 pm: Read books and Charlie goes to bed. He likes Good Night Moon and Pajama Time. He's got a jungle song playing thing in his crib and likes a binky at night. A binky and footie pajamas - nothing cuter.

7:30-11:30 pm; Mommy time. And by that I mean cramming in some sitting down for a minute, making the next day's bottles/lunch, returning phone calls/emails, cleaning up, taking care of things and showering for the next day. I also try and log on and check work emails one more time or finish up some work things. But usually only when we have a lot going on because at the end of all this I am pooped!

Oh yeah, Brad and I talk for about 5 to 6 minutes around 10:30 pm. Because that is literally all the time we have the energy for talking by that point in the day. He's been working extremely long hours. Can you see why this weekend required a new dress???

So someone please tell me - where do I squeeze in a workout?? Errands? Sanity? Perhaps the fall of 2027 when Charlie leaves for college. :)


The Balog Family said...

Wait til you add a #2 to the mix!! :)

Soña said...

Taking a shower at night...this works huh? Did you do it before Charlie too? I'm running out of time every morning. EVERY. MORNING.

Lakshmy said...

You are super woman.