Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dress Update

So I did find a couple of dresses that weren't hideously expensive and looked pretty cute and sexy (online at least) without turning into Brad's Skanky Wife at the Christmas Party. I ordered both of them and I'm hoping one will look good. If neither works I'm in big trouble - we leave a week from Friday!

Couldn't find the full skirt I was hoping for without going strapless, which I wasn't quite comfortable with. So I'm busting out the Spanx and hoping these dresses don't scream Here Come Kara's Hips! when I put them on.
It's hard to tell but the top of this one has some metallic action going on.

If I get this one I can use one of my favorite fashion terms... OMBRE! Try saying it a few times!
Crossed fingers!!

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