Saturday, December 26, 2009

Charlie's First Christmas

Spooner fam on Christmas Eve

We've been having a good ol' time at the Spooner household celebrating Charlie's first Christmas. We are very lucky because Brad was able to take a couple of weeks off after several extremely busy months at work. We weren't sure how the holidays would end up looking for us but we are all together and even convinced some family to come visit us too! My parents and sisters are here for Christmas and Brad's dad, stepmom, grandmother and sister were able to come see us for Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve we had a lasagna dinner (which Charlie loved) and took care of whatever could be cooked ahead of time for Christmas dinner. We also wrapped gifts and had White Christmas on TV - my favorite Christmas movie. I was basically a stress bucket trying to get everything done that needed to be done so didn't relax a whole bunch. Dallas got hit with a surprise ice/snow/windstorm so my dad's flight was in jeopardy for a while. But he made it! After hearing about how many flights got cancelled we feel very fortunate he did.

We also opened our traditional Christmas Eve pajamas from my mom - she picks us out some every year. This year Charlie got in on it and she found him some adorable red fleece footie pajamas. After the jammies are on we do a picture.
Pajama time!

Christmas morning we woke up when Charlie did, made strong coffee and turned on some Christmas music. We opened gifts, which Charlie thoroughly enjoyed. He likes ripping paper and waving tissue and throwing things around. He was getting tired by breakfast but we kept
him up long enough to try some Monkey Bread - a Crain family Christmas morning tradition (along with mimosas and breakfast casserole).
Unwrapping a gift from Nana and Paw Paw

Charlie with his new Razorback sippy cup from his Grandmother in Arkansas!

In the afternoon my in-laws arrived from Williamsburg, including Brad's grandmother Nanny, who was visiting from Fayetteville, Arkansas. They came bearing ham biscuits so we cracked open some wine, enjoyed the appetizers and talked while dinner finished up.

Charlie with his great grandmother, Nanny

This is my second turn at hosting Christmas dinner (I did Thanksgiving once, too) and it's funny how everything gets insanely crazy about 15-20 minutes before it's time to sit down with all the last minute things to do. Overall, despite some hiccups, everything turned out well and we had some incredible wine too. I find it's no use getting worked up about the hiccups as nobody likes a bummed out hostess so it's best to just shrug and offer refills. :)

After dinner and dessert we opened more gifts and Charlie climbed inside a box. He was all over the place - too many fun things to play with! He got this very cute duck that quacks and sings songs. And lots of books, cute clothes, toys... he is one spoiled little baby.
Charlie after climbing into his box

After we got Charlie out of the box and laid it on its side

His Aunts who have come to visit have showered him with love, presents and lots of playtime.
I think we can all agree Charlie is one lucky guy!

Charlie has been showered in attention and will play until he is completely exhausted.... and then play for another hour. He'll rub his eyes and get fussy and then fight a nap like he finds the mere presumption he needs a nap to be quite insulting. It must be catching up to him because when he gets upset about being put down for a nap it's in this very defeated fashion - like there is just no energy to fight it anymore. He is a hapless victim of parents who insist he naps.

We spent the rest of Christmas calling family and relaxing. Nanny had warned me that as soon as I put my feet up that night I would be exhausted - and she was right. Once I laid down (in my new extremely comfy Pine Cone Hill flannel pajamas from my mom I might add) there was no getting up.

I think a lot of the next week is going to be dedicated to relaxing, enjoying having my family here and getting some time with Brad before he starts traveling again. It's been a very nice Christmas.

Couple more pics - our house on Christmas Eve under the blanket of snow that managed to stick around. Lights in the windows is a huge thing in Richmond (kind of like brightly colored front doors)- that's what the glow is from. And my little winter baby looking at the snow (or more realistically, the poodles running around in the snow).

Merry Christmas everyone!

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