Monday, January 4, 2010

10 Months of Charlie

Mom I have been posing for pictures for you for the last 2 weeks. I'm done!

This post and the pictures in it are about a week late because we've been fa-la-la-la-busy. Charlie turned 10 months old last Sunday on the 27th while my family was here visiting. To celebrate, we bought him more toys and showered him in attention. Then Mommy had a big glass of wine and appreciated all the extra help around here!

**Insert this month's accurate but cliche-sounding statement here about how this is the most fun age and how much I love it** I feel like I write something like that every month and it's true, but there are only so many different ways I can word it!

Charlie is getting such a defined personality, communicating more and just generally becoming an actual little person with an actual little point of view - it is so fun to watch. Even when that means he's protesting something or mad. In fact, during the two weeks I took off from work for Christmas I spent quite a bit of time just staring at him. He is perfect and everything he does is art.

He is also getting more hair - in fact, I think we're going to have to get him a hair cut by his first birthday! It's getting long in the back and the hair is so fine it dries in all these funky shapes. I like to give him a mohawk when he takes a bath. Still that beautiful blond with intense blue eyes.

What has been really fun lately is giving him new foods to try. We got the green light for meats and dairy (besides milk) and so I've been trying out different table foods. I can't tell you how much fun it is to take him to a restaurant, put him in the high chair and give him things off of our plates to try. Breads and veggies are the easiest - he's still figuring out most meat and don't even bother with cheese if it's not melted onto something.... like more bread.

At home I've been giving him macaroni and cheese (LOVE), yogurt (meh), grilled cheese sandwiches (big thumbs up), dry cereal (another meh), rice (loved it), pasta (depends on the shape), etc. Also some ice cream - which he couldn't get enough of and the resulting sugar rush was pretty funny! Definitely not something we need around here every day though.

He's handling his sippy cup pretty well, though loves how much fun it is to spew out the water after he drinks. Ohhh what fun to have no concept of manners. I tried some white grape juice in the cup - that was not too popular. I think I will stick with water and here in a couple of months try some milk. Most juices are mainly sugar anyways so I don't really see the point.

It is easy to tell when Charlie is done eating because he starts dropping everything on the floor for the poodles or just hands it over to them. He will also reach for his spoon - full of food - and fling it around if he gets a hold of it. Also much squirming like the high chair is just too confining.

As for mobility, he can stand with just one hand for support and is so close to cruising! He has some very effective methods from getting down from standing without getting hurt. I have to admit, I'm kind of impressed. I think his tripod pose, where he spreads his legs and then puts one arm down, is my favorite.

Now that he's sitting up and very balanced he sits quite nicely in the shopping cart seat and has the best time watching people and reaching for things to pull down off the shelves. Running to Target used to be something I'd try to do alone, but now he's so fun to take! You have to keep moving though - very little tolerance for sitting still when there's this whole huge store to check out. And other little kids to watch.

Charlie is wearing mostly 12 month clothes and pajamas, but some of the 18 month stuff is starting to fit too. Amazing. At my friend Amy's suggestion, I got him a couple of pairs of Pedipeds, which I looooove. They fit so snug at the ankles that he can even wear the pair I bought in a size up. My mom also got Charlie some baby Uggs for Christmas - sooo cute! I'll have to post some pics of those.

Daycare continues to go very well for Charlie. Whenever I leave or come to pick him up he is playing with another kid. Sometimes two. I think he likes all the activity. Now that the teachers are more insistent about getting him to go to sleep he will generally get one good nap in a day. And by good I mean an hour. It is just too stimulating there for him to nap I think. I noticed the same thing when my family was here at Christmas - he knew the house was full of people and he fought me tooth and nail over napping. What can I say? I like him rested. I am cruel like that.

Charlie is getting in to a little bit of separation anxiety with me, but so far it's not too bad. Generally he just gets upset when he sees me leaving and he's trying to crawl over to me. That happened on New Year's Eve when I was running to the store and Brad said Charlie was so upset he made a big dirty diaper! At daycare he is playing with something or watching another kid so I just kiss him, say good-bye and leave. Very important for him to be occupied first. And he's always so happy to see me later in the day. Best feeling in the world.

For a few months he's been getting some stranger anxiety if adults he's not familiar with drop by his daycare room (like other teachers). He doesn't do this when he's with Brad or me, though that Santa guy was iffy at best. I know it's a phase but the irrational voice in me wants to make sure he's not around any strangers without me so he's not upset! Sigh.

We had Charlie's 9 month doctor appointment a few weeks ago - also late. He was about 9 1/2 months by the time we went. I neglected to write up a blog post because I was so busy dousing everything I could find in Christmas cheer.

It was a good appointment; really nothing notable. He was almost 21 pounds (50-75 percentile) and 29 1/4 inches long (75th percentile). Couple of shots and we were out. We go back for another check up at one year (one year!!!) though Charlie is getting his 2nd H1N1 vaccination next week.

I'm sure a lot of baby's parents say this, but it feels like I am ALWAYS at the pediatrician's office. I'm surprised I haven't started blogging on the growth of the baby turtles in the lobby's tank. That is pretty much what we stare at while we wait. Charlie likes to pat the glass, covered in sick kid's germy hand prints. Silly 10 month olds don't listen to reason though so he squirms a bunch when we do the hand sanitizer afterwards.

I'm already starting to think about Charlie's first birthday party! Just around the corner! Does that mean he'll be a toddler and I won't have a baby anymore? I'm not so sure about that part. :)

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aichiba said...

YAY - glad you like the Pedipeds. I can't believe how fast little Charlie is growing. Happy New Year to you guys :)