Sunday, November 15, 2009


I've had two awesome weekends in a row and I'm writing a little thing about them before this week gets away from me like last week did and then I'm blogging about a weekend that happened a month ago.

I got to meet Baby Lily last weekend! One of my BFF's Holly and her husband Tyler and their 6 month old daughter Lily came all the way from San Antonio to Richmond to visit! Lily is precious - and she is SUCH a Lily - she is delicate and sweet and beautiful. Charlie was something of a show off and flirt in front of her. Holly took a bunch of neat pictures since she has a "good camera" so I'll post some after she gets a chance to go through them. I know there will be many good ones.

We weren't super active that weekend; Brad actually had to work quite a bit. We spent a lot of time just talking, catching up, playing with the kids. We did hit up the Brunswick Stew festival downtown on Saturday where there was all sorts of delicious, overpriced food, beer (thank you Ukrops for not sponsoring this year so we could have beer) and live music. There was some debate before we went about what exactly goes into Brunswick stew so if you aren't familiar, check it here. It's a Virginia thing. Unless you're from Georgia. It's a lesser argued Turducken.

All in all it was a really fun weekend. I felt bad Brad had to work so much though. He's been putting in 80 to 90 hour weeks lately and is just worn out. I hope he can take a brief reprieve at Thanksgiving and maybe a week at Christmas to catch his breath. Not being 23 anymore surfaces in more areas then just hangovers - it's a lot more tiring then it used to be to put in those kind of hours.

This weekend was beautifully uneventful. We were determined to catch up on rest, spend some time together and just enjoy ourselves. Friday nights around here are pretty pathetic - we're in bed by about 9. Saturday I met Karen up at the mall with the kids to shop for a while and catch up. I'm on the hunt for a dress to wear for Brad's Christmas party in Dallas, but no luck yet. Then Brad and I had a babysitter that night - so we could *gasp* go out and have an actual conversation!

We went to a new place here, Balliceaux. It was good. It does some of the things that trendy restaurants do that get on my nerves. I should do a post on that - the list gets longer every year. The remodel was fantastic, the menu was confusing, the food was good (not great) and the wine list was weird.... in a bad way. But we had a great time talking. And talking and talking and talking. That was my favorite part. Afterwards we went to Home Team Grill in the Fan to watch football and have another drink and Surprise! both the A&M and Arkansas football games were on! I'll say the Arkansas one was quite a bit more fun to watch!

Today it was beautiful out so we walked around at the outdoor mall near our house with Charlie and took advantage of the 30% off Gap/Banana Republic Give and Get weekend. If you don't get those coupons in your email let me know and I'll send you an invite. The entire Spooner family benefited. Tonight we just grilled out some steaks and watched a McDocumentary on McDonalds. I love those. MSNBC has them on McDonalds, Wal-Mart, Microsoft, etc.

Brad's headed into another crazy work week and I'm hoping Charlie gets back on his schedule this week. He was taking really long naps last week, which pushed his bedtime back. Today he wouldn't nap at all, save an hour, until he finally had a meltdown at 5:30 and Brad put him down. Got him back up to eat at 7, another melt down and I hope we're done for tonight. I think it was a growth spurt. Glad I sized up at Baby Gap.

Other random stuff:
  • I made some crack on Twitter Friday about celebrating another pair of pre-pregnancy jeans fitting by eating a lemon bar. Some random chick sends me this link that of course 'changed her life' so I was sure it was diet-related... except it wasn't... it was for herbal fertility drugs. Ummmm, yeah. I haven't gotten used to all the randomness that is Twitter. I'm just more used to Facebook.
  • I made another crack on Twitter about the perfect appetizer and now Philadelphia Cream Cheese is following me. Score. Me and Paula Deen.
  • Apparently I need to do Skype. Or Charlie needs to do Skype. With his love of laptop computers he'd probably have it figured out before me. I mean, I can't even get used to Twitter!
  • Ok fess up, how many of you are going to see New Moon opening week? I went shopping with Karen this weekend and completely forgot to pin her down for our New Moon date (to follow our Twilight date) so it will probably be after. However after all the 'sneak previews', 'trailers', and 'spoilers' I'm pretty sure I've already seen 75% of it.
  • There is a depressing dead season for TV approaching. Mad Men is done, Top Chef and Project Runway near the season finale... True Blood and The Tudors a ways off... I may have to break down and read a book instead.
OK, that's all I got - bedtime! Have a good week!


Megan said...

Mom and I BOTH have skype and ichat. Charlie was wondering if we could all skype or ichat soon so we can see that cute little face and those cute little teeth up close?! Think about it!

Meredith said...

I am going to see Twilight and revel in how terrifically awful it's going to be!
If you need TV recommendations, for the love of pete please netflix Friday Night Lights. You can catch up on the first 3 seasons before the new season premiers in January!
Do it please, you won't be sorry. :)

Kristen said...

i second meredith's recommendation! but take some dramamine first - it's a little like watching the office or blair witch project! :)