Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We just got back from a very fun Thanksgiving dinner in Williamsburg with Art, Sue, Clare and a bunch of other family. Lots of delicious food and Charlie had a great time playing with everyone and trying his first meat ever! He had some turkey cranberry apple baby food. He also had a couple of homemade biscuits, which he loved. The rest of us had Virginia ham on ours but Charlie took his straight up!

We're keeping things pretty low key for Thanksgiving weekend this year since Brad has been working and traveling so much lately. He was working until late into the night (3 am?) up until Tuesday night. We went to Williamsburg for the day today and probably back tomorrow for some shopping or just hanging out. But Brad seems pretty excited to get a good night's sleep in his own bed and I think we'll be getting as much rest as possible the next few days. Brad has to head out to Dodge City, KS on Monday.

Charlie seemed to have a very fun day today even though he's not feeling too great - he has an ear infection and I think another tooth coming in (his 7th!). He hadn't really been acting like himself this week - just getting upset easily and crying more often then usual. On a whim I took him in to the pediatrician yesterday afternoon and now he's on antibiotics. Luckily his chest is clear and there's no fever.

Today I was totally that annoying person at an event that's bugging everyone to pose for and take pictures. I can't help it - I need some Christmas card shots and you know, you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you get a good baby picture. Anyways, we did get a few cute ones - Charlie playing with a toy and with Richard. Charlie watched Richard's every move today trying to figure out how to be a big kid!
I guess I'm a tad out of the loop because I didn't realize that A&M was playing Texas tonight instead of tomorrow. I don't feel too bad since my husband, devoted Arkansas Razorback fan, didn't know their game against LSU wasn't until Saturday (usually on Friday). So anyways we have the A&M game on now and I can't believe how tired I am. Big dinner + long day + wine = sleepy Kara. I'm hanging in here for the game unless Texas takes a big lead at which point I'm going to take my grumpy butt up to bed.

Tomorrow I'm a little torn about shopping. I would love to hit the outlets in Williamsburg - in fact, I'm dying to go to Hanna Andersson. But I have this whole thing where I'm NOT CRAZY so I doubt I'm going to fight the crowds for a few sets of baby pajamas. The Williamsburg TJ Maxx, however, is always worth a trip so perhaps we'll do some damage there instead.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving like we did! Enjoy the weekend!

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