Monday, November 30, 2009

Into Everything

I went to pick up Charlie today at daycare and found him right by the door to the room. The teacher said when the door opens Charlie makes a beeline to see who has come in the room and what's outside the door. She said 'he's into everything!'

Charlie and I discussed this on the way home and he insisted that he is not really into everything. That the teacher is exaggerating and he's considering a lawsuit for that kind of slander.

I do have quite a bit of photographic evidence that he is, in fact, into everything these days. This evidence was compiled in just one night - while I was trying to get his 9 month pictures. Observe:

Going through the bin of washcloths

What??? They're washcloths Mom! Relax!

Trying to pull the nebulizer machine down off its bench.

Going through the tupperware cabinet.

Turning mixing bowls into a drum set.

Visiting the sun room to see the ceiling fans.

About to attack the duck decoy on the hearth

I thought I would interview some witnesses to see what they had seen. Unfortunately they were not much help.

Zoe do you know anything?
No? Well, what about you Ringo? ..... No comment, huh.
Well you'll just have to decide for yourselves. Is Charlie into everything? The evidence suggests yes!

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amygunther said...

I think that Charlie has Zoe and Ringo on his payroll. That is why they aren't "woofing" out the truth.