Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I need a dress

And it's getting a little desperate. Brad's company is flying us to Dallas for their Christmas party at the W. My parents are taking Charlie that night so OH MY GOSH it's like a real overnight date! With that guy I'm married to but hardly ever see! Except I have nothing to wear.

So I need a good combination of sophisticated (work party) and sexy (rare date with Brad) while still flattering on my not-quite back to pre-pregnancy size. I would love to find something in a dark purple (not tacky prom purple, which eliminates most of them) but I'd take good ol' basic black in my hour of need. Lots of cocktail dresses with black tights this year - that's new right? Where did that come from?

I'm so scared of ordering online (esp. since I'm not really sure what size I am right now) but I haven't had much of an opportunity to shop, I don't like what I've had time to look at so far and I'm quickly running out of time. So I may bite the bullet and spend a lot of time after returning the ones I don't wear. I remember my friend Paige's sister did that for her wedding shower - showed up off the plane from L.A. with like six dresses and we all voted. You know out of six dresses you're going to have a winner.

I like all of these but my inner-cheapness set in. My friend Karen inspired the fringe on the first one - she pointed out all the cute fringed dresses when we were shopping last weekend and she's so right - makes for a very cute hemline. The last one is actually on sale but they don't have my size. Bummer! I'm not sure I could have pulled off the one shoulder thing at an office party anyways. The skirt is fun, though.

(see? tights! and so cute!)
It was kind of easier being pregnant because you only have a dress or two to pick from anyways - borrowed from the small collection of maternity cocktail dresses circulated by pregnant friends. But then you have to skip the open bar so I guess it all evens out.

Well, I'd better get back to shopping online for a dress I will be too chicken to order. :) I have a feeling I'll have to see those black Friday shopping crowds after all....

***Found this online... so pretty! And purple!


Megan said...


You could rent a dress!

Kara said...

Yeah Meredith suggested that too - I would have to use her account because there's a waiting list. But I'm worried I couldn't figure out what size to get and it wouldn't fit. Some designers run really small.

amygunther said...

I once ordered at least six dresses from smartbargains.com for a wedding. I tried them all, found one that I liked, and returned the rest. I was only out the shipping fees so it really worked out. And the one that I ended up keeping was not the one that I thought would be my favorite. It is a strategy that worked for me.

The Balog Family said...

Love #1!! So festive and sexy too! Let us know what you end up in!! :)