Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Can't Keep Up

As soon as I hit the Publish Post button on Charlie's 8 month Update post he changed in several ways. So we're gonna do a little mid-month update.

Baths: we now looooooove them. I even managed to move the duck tub from the bathroom counter to the tub with no screaming! That kind of made me sad though. No more baby baths. sniff sniff.**

Crawling: has now been one-upped by pulling up in the crib. And hanging arms perilously over the side. We went ahead and lowered the mattress over the weekend. Again, no more infant crib... sniff sniff.**

We have moved from Pampers Swaddlers to Pampers Cruisers. Size 3. Just rip out my heart why don't you.**

Charlie's sitting up unassisted. Or at least has interest in sitting up for more then a few seconds. He seems to enjoy the improved view of the poodles while sitting up.

Solids are now chewed and swallowed with ease. Followed by a look of 'where's the rest?' and maybe a few bangs on high chair tray. I gave him some Cheerios last weekend and he downed them in no time.

Charlie is showing a clear preference for me lately. I know this is going to go back and forth several times in the next year but right now let's just take a minute and relish in being the favorite. Me me me.

Books are now interesting and no longer just a chew toy. I got him some more board books today at Target with lots of rhyming and he giggles when I read them to him.

In the car, the music-playing mirror is out and CD's of children's music are in. Right now we are listening to the ABC's by They Might Be Giants. Charlie shrieks and kicks his legs to the upbeat songs and stares out the window in a contemplative fashion during the slower songs. I have to admit, they're pretty catchy songs. I've been humming a few today.

Nebulizer: well, we still hate that with a passion. His treatment is just once a day now and is a breathable steroid. The albuterol was messing with his sleep cycle something awful so I'm glad we're done with that for now.

As for my accomplishments, I can now recite Good Night Moon in its entirety from memory and have taste tested the entire line of Earth's Best pureed foods.

**I have been kind of sad about moving past all the little baby things. I overheard Brad telling Charlie a few weeks ago that the reason there are still some too-small baby clothes in the nursery dresser is because Mommy can't let go. And then I got a look from Brad that said basically the same thing when I tried to convince him in the middle of Babies R Us that we could make it another box or two of the Pampers Swaddlers size 2-3. I mean sure, they might be a little small but what's your point? Anyways, I'm not really sure what Brad is trying to get at here but I don't believe I will dignify any of it with a response! Hmf!

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