Sunday, November 1, 2009

Charlie's First Halloween

I've figured out something about Halloween with kids. Halloween is not a single day where you may have some trick or treaters or a party to attend. It's several days, all with different events, activities, groups of people, etc. If the costume actually survives until Halloween night then you've done a good job. Since my kid is still pretty young to be doing all the Halloween activities it was fairly tame - but crazy enough to instill a respectable amount of fear in me for future years.

Charlie's Halloween started Thursday at the candy walk my department does every year. The kids trick or treat with their parents from room to room, following this little path of pumpkins on the floor. Then they have some crafts to do but I didn't even look at those because if I gave Charlie a glue stick he'd just eat it. So we walked around and stopped to see different people - most of whom hadn't seen Charlie since he was 3 months old and I brought him in to visit while I was out on maternity leave.

When I was pregnant a couple of my coworkers gave me a baby outfit. It was a sweater vest over a polo shirt - just like one of the coworkers likes to wear every day to work. We had a good laugh when I opened it. It was 12 month size and conveniently fit just in time for Halloween! So Charlie was dressed as my coworker Mark on Thursday for the candy walk. Just add a blackberry and a coke zero to the outfit and you have instant Mark.

I have so much work to do.

I'm being good.... for now...

Friday was the daycare Halloween parade and party. Sue drove up from Williamsburg for the day to play with Charlie and watch him in the parade. And by 'parade' I mean walking around the parking lot once as the other parents watched. Since none of the kids in the infant room walk most of the parents carried them. Brad carried Charlie who really just wanted out of his duck hat.

What are you looking at??

Why are my parents doing this to me???

You call one lap in the parking lot a parade??

Charlie's little friend Bella had a duck costume on too so I wanted to get a picture of the two of them together. We took several pictures but this was the only one close to turning out as neither child was happy about being in costume and both were squirmy. Wendy and I look pretty happy though! Charlie's lunging for Bella's duck bill and Bella's about to let him know that is not acceptable.

Charlie: I like your costume. I think I will grab it and pull.
Bella: Back off junior and nobody gets hurt.

Even though by Saturday I was fairly certain we'd celebrated quite enough for an 8 month old's first Halloween we still had actual Halloween ahead of us. Our neighbors invited us, along with a couple of other families, over to their house to have pizza and then walk the neighborhood trick or treating.

You should have heard us all contemplating the *correct* time to leave the house and go trick or treat. It was an active debate - it's not dark yet. But there are other kids out. How old are those kids? Are they the same age as our kids? Ok let's go - but everyone grab a cocktail in a plastic cup first. 30 minutes later we were off.

Our little ducky rode in the stroller and Brad pushed. A couple of the other kiddos rode in a wagon, which was a brilliant idea. Note to self for next year. Brad would walk Charlie up to the doors with the other little kids to trick or treat. I don't think Charlie really cared much but Brad loves both candy and showing off Charlie so it fit the bill on both counts.

Back at our house we'd left out a bowl of candy on the front steps for kids to take from. Admittedly it was very lame. We didn't even have any pumpkins out. The candy was completely gone when we got back - no surprise. There were quite a few teenagers trick or treating so most of the bowl probably ended up in one of their pillowcases. I hope the little kids that came by got some before that happened.

In a few sections of the neighborhood a bunch of people had put together a dinner out on tables in the street. There was candy and food and music and plenty of people to talk to. One of the little girls in our group was calling the setup 'the party' - as in, let's go to the party over there NOOOOWWWW. And she was totally right!

Charlie with Dr. Olivia. She came up with the idea for her costume all by herself!

We stayed out until Charlie got hungry and by then he needed to go to bed. I was trying to keep him up to adjust for daylight savings but for once he just really wanted to go to bed. We had one more batch of trick or treaters after we got home - I held the bowl out for them to take from instead of handing them candy and they pretty much wiped us out! After that we shut the lights off out front and considered ourselves to be done.

Let me tell you, if you find walking the neighborhood on Halloween night to be a little mundane, I found a good cure - a margarita! Preferably mixed by our neighbor Ben! I highly recommend. Just don't drink it too fast.... or you could end up watching 2 hours of Storm Chasers on the couch after you get home. Not that I know anyone who would do that.

Today... we recover. It's rainy and icky out and so we're just taking care of things around the house and watching some TV. I think we're also tired because we bought a new car yesterday but I'll save that for another post!

Hope everyone reading had a great Halloween too! 'Til next year....

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