Monday, November 30, 2009

9 Months of Charlie

Our little munchkin is 9 months old! As of the day after Thanksgiving, which coincidentally was also my dad's birthday. Each month I feel like a broken record because I say how much I love this age and how much fun it is. I remember when we went to the pediatrician when Charlie was a month old and he wasn't sleeping at all and was so colicky. The doctor said to hang in there because he knew it was tough but it was about to start getting fun. He was so right.

Have I told that story before? It wouldn't surprise me because I am usually that kind of tired where I repeat things over and over.

Anyways, back to Charlie. The biggest change this month was that he stands up all the time now! There was one fluke incident in early November where he was standing in his crib and then nothing for several weeks. Then one night we were just playing in the living room and all the sudden he crawled over to our ottoman pulled up and was standing. After that it became a stand up free-for-fall and now every morning he's standing in his crib waiting for us. No cruising yet but I'm sure it's around the corner. He's still doing the military crawl and I have my doubts he'll ever do a traditional 'real' crawl - I think he'll just go ahead and walk.

He's wearing mostly 12 month clothes though he's grown out of the jumpers already. I think he's long in the trunk so I'm going to stick to buying pants/tops. His size 2 and 6-12 month Robeez are getting small (sniff, sniff) so it's time to move up. Probably our last shoes until we get him something he can walk in. I'll have to stop buying purely for cuteness factor and find something with arch support and all that.

He moved up to size 3 diapers and I felt like crying in the check out line when we bought them. They are a different color then the infant ones and are called 'cruisers' instead of 'swaddlers'. I guess my point is that he is becoming more a little boy and less a baby. The clothes for his size aren't as babyish either. I got choked up at Kohls buying pajamas when I passed the newborn sized stuff - it was so tiny and sweet. I asked Brad if that was weird. He said yes. If you read this blog regularly I would expect moping on this topic at least monthly if I were you.

He's still eating about the same stuff as a month ago, though now that he's 9 months we can start introducing dairy and meat. He's gotten more comfortable with chewing so we can try new textures. I think it will be fun! He loves to eat. He's so happy right after he eats and he's full. So much cute baby chub on him, too. So much fun to squeeze and hug. He still loves his bottles though - I think they are soothing to him. He's also taking a binky at bed time which seems to be comforting too.

He's been having a little stranger anxiety but really only when I'm not around - mostly at daycare when teachers from other rooms come in. He seems ok with new people when I'm there. Another change I've been noticing has been how upset he gets when we take something away or things don't go his way. Oh. My. Gosh. Dramatic meltdown city. We used to be able to distract him with another toy but thanks to good ol' object permanence he is quite aware for several minutes that he is upset and will not be placated.

He's taking 2 naps a day on the weekends - mostly. Some days he'll just refuse to go down and we'll get one afternoon nap out of him. At daycare he barely sleeps at all. Night time we are still at a good 11 hours. Sometimes I hear him early in the morning - like 5 am - but he generally falls back asleep. If I go get him he's up for the day.

We're getting ready to celebrate baby's first Christmas around here! I'm on the hunt for ornaments and a cute stocking with his name on it. I know he won't really appreciate much in the gift department - a plastic takeout container filled with pennies is his current favorite toy. I think he'll just love boxes and wrapping paper and attention. Maybe I'll let him try a little monkey bread on Christmas morning too :).

And lastly..... the out takes, which are getting increasingly dangerous to catch as Charlie can now propel himself off furniture and get into trouble more quickly as I hold the camera. So in the interest of baby safety, there are only 4.


aichiba said...

Love the update on Charlie. Can't believe he's growing so fast. On the shoes - you can still have cute and also these are the best shoes for beginning walkers (purley based on my test of only 2 kids - ha ha).
You can also get them at Nordstrom and ebay. I promise they are worth the price (and you know I'm cheap girl).

aichiba said...

When I hit publish I realized I spelled purely wrong. I hate when I do stupid stuff like that. Also, wanted to tell you that I completely understand the "mourning the loss of every stage" that you are going through. It never gets better and it's part of the reason I started to blog. I never wanted to forget how they were at each stage. You are doing a great job of documenting this so at least you will always have that to look back at - sniff, sniff. I love reading your blog! Miss you girl.