Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Watch out - he's mobile!

Charlie is crawling and getting quicker all the time. He is all over the place checking things out. He especially loves drawer pulls, door hinges, electrical cords and beverages. He laughs in the face of the concept of baby proofing.

The poodles don't know what to think. He sneaks up on them, grabs a leg or an ear or something and they pop up and give me this pained look like they just don't know why things have suddenly gotten so scary but can I please please please make the little person go away?

So here's a little crawling demonstration. Sorry it's so wobbly - I was trying to move back while sitting on the floor and get him to crawl further. He also kept trying to eat my camera.

Side story: Charlie was sweet enough to make his love of beverages known in the Saks 5th Avenue men's department on Sunday. A permanent reminder of Brad's venti soy misto from Starbucks now marks the cream colored carpet near the sport coats. Charlie executed a near perfect 5 second 'grab and drop while Daddy isn't looking' move. Sadly this was not caught on film.

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Megan said...

THATS AWESOME!!! Such a big boy!!! Miss you guys - have I told you that lately?!