Thursday, October 8, 2009

Role Reversal

This week for two days Brad and I got to change places. Well, sort of. I traveled out of town for work (New Orleans) and he stayed in town to work and take care of Charlie. It was really an abbreviated version of each other's lives - and frankly, quite a bit less stress the we each actually experience week in and week out. I don't have near the kind of work pressure that Brad shoulders on a weekly basis - I just have a lower stress and lower (read: low) glamour job - and it's a lot simpler to take care of Charlie for a couple of days then all the time. Let's just say I came home to quite a bit of piled up laundry for 2 days and no groceries. Trying to squeeze those kinds of things in with a full time job and baby care is really where the challenge lies. JV vs. Varsity, if you will.

Anyways, the highlights/revelations:
  • My is it easy traveling without an infant! This was my first trip alone since he was born. On the plane I read a book, had something to drink and didn't get a single dirty look from anyone! I had a glass of wine on the trip home. Also read quite a bit of the Lovely Bones. Have you read it? So depressing. Will be skipping the movie.
  • I woke up early in the hotel, despite being exhausted, and realized to my delight that for this one morning, nobody needed me. I read some celebrity web sites, worked out, read the paper over breakfast and while I got ready for work nobody screamed in faux distress!
  • While I hate running, going running in another city is a delightful form of sightseeing. It kind of makes it feel like vacation instead of work. I ran through the French Quarter and along the lake while the sun rose and feelings of peace battled it out with impending leg cramps and being embarrassingly out of breath.
  • It is still so striking to me how different eating dinner with others is when Charlie isn't with me. Even when he is being good it takes so much brain power to keep him occupied. I had dinner at K-Paul's with Lakshmy and Whitney where we had legitimate conversation that I actually contributed to and remembered! We also had a LOT of butter.
  • Lakshmy saw Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush in New Orleans - they are soooooo back together. You heard it here first. Unless you saw it on Lakshmy's FB wall first.
  • I ran down the hall to get Charlie Wednesday morning when he woke up - I was so excited to see him. By that night, diarrhea, diaper rash and upset baby had me daydreaming of a hurricane with a side of beignets.

Maybe in a couple of months we can switch again. While it's nice to do periodically I don't think I'd trade him. I think he'd rather be home too but we've got to make the most of what we're dealing with here. A travel job and some really bad diaper rash.... :)

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Tracy said...

I can totally relate to this! Tom is great with Owen, but when they're home alone together NOTHING else gets done. I hope you have a great weekend.